Entering the Sandum-First Stage

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

The State Policy is transitioning. Moving from a organisation-based diplomacy, the State of Sandus will begin to pursue individualistic diplomacy between states; moving from intermicronationally based governance, the State of Sandus will pursue internal policies more focused on the nation and nation-building. The first of such events has passed — the Novembro MMXII CCPS Party Congress — and the next is coming. Athena’s Day, a holiday within the Collegio Sacerdae, will see the foundation of the State Polytheistic Shrine to Athena. One of the important aspects of culture noted in The Soaring Glaucus of the Sovereign People is customs and traditions. Though some ridicule our State for focusing on religious holidays and on religion, these events have become an important aspect of our micronation’s culture and have led to a renewal of Sandum culture. This leads some to question secularism within our government but that goes without noting the importance of the cultural cooperatives — which are outside of the government, notably the Collegio Sacerdae and the Sandum Cultural Authority in the future. The first indication of the improvement faced in our isolation is the recent improvement in Sandum-Zealandian relations.

This Winter is the beginning of Philia and Libera‘s stress on national cultural independence. With this new spirit of Sandum State Policy for isolation and nation-building, the State will grow and strengthen her independence. Already, the rite for Athena’s Day has been completed and this tradition will be preserved. The ballots for the Winter Solstice elections have been completed and the cultural spirit for democracy will be affirmed again, after the CCPS Party Congress. This Winter, too, we will begin to create the styles for Sandum art and literature with the Sandum Cultural Authority. By the next Secessio and Foundatio, the State will have expanded its cultural and national order.

With this increased amount of time on the focus of the nation under isolation, the State will advance towards her cultural independence and the strengthening of her already-resolute order. Some states, micronational and macronational, still see disorder. Disorder and chaos in government and in society. Sandum culture is perhaps the most resolute. Changed from its past era-based social system, the current Sandum culture and society focuses on evolutionary revolution and gradualism. This explains the high legitimacy of our government and the stability of our State.

Next Regifugia and Matronalia, marking the New Sancta Year, will witness a changed Sandus preparing to meet its 2015 economic goal. Focusing on the evolutionary principle, Sandus’s cultural importance on the sage history, beginning with the Neolithic Revolution, will push forward all aspects of Sandum culture, society, and — for 2015 — economy.

Let’s give reason to celebrate the next Secessio and Regifugia!

— Sôgmô Sörgel.