Sammut Commissioned for Mission to Zealandia

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

A few days ago, this State became aware of a Zealandian propaganda poster that urged citizens to say “no” to “Sandum aggression and imperialism”. These aggressive words come months after silence between Sandus and Zealandia. However, in the spirit following the CCPS Party Congress, the State did not reprimand Zealandia under the former-Libera emphasis on self-defence of the State from political attacks.

Today has marked a fundamental change in Sandum foreign policy. Today, after over a year of aggression and hostility between Zealandia and Sandus, our government has commissioned André Sammut, civilo citizen of our State and civil servant, to head a mission to the Federal Republic of Zealandia as ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary.

M. Sammut’s mission has been tasked with meeting with President Lindström to reach agreements on a proposed treaty of mutual non-aggression between Sandus and Zealandia. M. Sammut has been sent with several key points to fulfil a policy of peaceful coexistence, such as diplomacy between Zealandia and Sandus being done by officials other than Sörgel and Lindström and reducing propaganda against the other state. A letter of credence has been sent with M. Sammut for him to give to President Lindström when they finally meet.

This event marks a major turning point in Sandum foreign affairs, which have historically been controversial. By point of ending old rivalries and hostilities, the State of Sandus will pursue greater isolationism to protect and defend the self-advancement of the State under Libera. Other issues of hostility, such as with Wyvern, are to be reviewed.
Though not all hostilities will be resolved by the State. The issue arising from Wyvern is that that nation is a full member of the Grand Unified Micronational and is a state whose government endorses xenophobic policies. As an anti-xenophobic and multicultural state, the Office of the Sôgmô does not view it as a priority to relinquish its policies against xenophobia.
The Office of the Sôgmô has even floated the idea of Sandus leaving the GUM in order to pursue greater isolation for national advancement. The idea is currently pending review and citizens such as Sammut are advising the Office to “wait a little” and it is uncertain when such a departure from the GUM would take place.

For now, however, the prospect of amiable and peaceful cooperation and diplomacy with Zealandia will certainly alter the outlook of the State of Sandus when pursuing future foreign relations.

— Sôgmô Sörgel.