To Codify the Sancta Language

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

While reading through a grammar book this evening, as a part of one of my English literary courses, I happened upon the idea of bringing greater identity and regularity to our language. As a result, the Sandum Style & Language Authority shall work to codify the Sancta Language’s grammar and continue work made on our old language “textbook”.

These projects shall work to create a greater independent language in Sandus and to increase the Sandum identity. Though not destined to become the spoken language in Sandus, it will be so that most Sandum citizens may be able to understand the Sancta language following these projects and potential reforms of our language.

These projects shall be hopefully completed before XX Februario MMXII (20 February 2013), or le Jouro de le Secessio (the Day of the Secession), by which all instruments of the Sancta identity are completed before the upcoming year on the New Year in March. They shall be ratified by both the Sandum Style & Language Authority (SS&LA) and, if culturally vital, the Sandum Cultural Authority (SCA).

— Sôgmô Sörgel.