Sandum Cultural Authority Promulgated

The Logo of the Sandum Cultural Authority

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

By the events of yesterday’s CCPS Party Congress and with this proclamation, the Office of the Sôgmô promulgates the Sandum Cultural Authority.

Therefore, the Sandum Cultural Authority shall be a wholly and directly democratic body of all Sandum citizens and the Authority shall define what is the Sandum main culture. By effect, the Cultural Authority shall also define what is participatory of “sub-cultures” in the State. Members shall include Sandum citizens, citizens of defined “culturally-linked” states, and members of cooperatives; however, only Sandum citizens shall be voting members. The Sôgmô, following in the spirit of the Founding Law and by his virtue of position as the fount of honour, shall become the Speaker of the Chamber of the Authority.

Topics shall be addressed, discussed, then motioned, and finally voted on; the Sôgmô must assent each measure passed by the Chamber before they become official. The Authority shall also become important in the cultural projects of Sandum citizens and cooperatives.

Members of the Authority must remain polite and avoid arguments during discussion. Members must also address the Speaker or the State of Sandus and thereby speak in either first or third person.

The dates of sessions of the Chamber shall be determined upon each preceding meeting or by the request of the Sôgmô; at least one session each month is recommended. Sessions can commence at any time the Sôgmô decrees it and a notable amount of Sandum citizens are present.

— Sôgmô Sörgel.