Sandus: no “threats”, merely intentions

Ave, Sandum Citizens.

In a short reply to our “threats”, the government of Wyvern has reignited issues dating from the Great Ideological Conflict. Under that administration of the Democratic People’s Republic of Sandus, both Wyvern and Sandus had inflamed actions due to the importance of Wyvern in the Intermicronational Conservative Alliance. The government of Wyvern down-played the outlined course of action in a message from earlier today by the Office of the Sôgmô as mere threats reminiscent of those of the Great Ideological Conflict.

On several occasions, M. Bradley of Dullahan has continuously asserted that the “negroid race” – a term discouraged in modern society due to its etymological relation to the racial slur “negro” – has greater physical capacity. This argument is reminiscent of those of white supremacists who argue that that same people were better equipped for slavery. Another argument M. of Dullahan is fond of is that most Arabs are criminals and that Muslims are backwards people. Such sweeping and disrespectful generalisations are discouraged by this State and seek to alienate and inflame races and religions of people. This State has several times discouraged such arguments, which M. of Dullahan claims are necessary, because of their rude and racial nature; indeed, M. of Dullahan was removed from the GUM’s ancillary staff once before for these same racial arguments.

Finally, Wyvern’s claims of threats are unfounded. No such threats have been made by this State but, rather, a series of points have been made. For those who have misunderstood them, here they are again:

  1. The Sandum delegation will motion for the removal of M. Bradley of Dullahan from the GUM’s roster of ancillary staff.
  2. The Sandum delegation does not welcome M. Bradley of Dullahan into the GUM.
  3. The Sandum delegation will ardently oppose all attempts by the Kingdom of Wyvern to rejoin the GUM.

Some may consider these points to be “heavy handed” or “threats” but these points are clear intentions of policy of the State of Sandus to refuse and oppose, by its own sovereign rights, the membership of Wyvern in any way in the GUM. This should go without saying that Sandus respects the obligatory decisions of Quora of the GUM, as some have falsely misinterpreted that Sandus will use illegal means to oppose Wyvern and M. of Dullahan.

— Sôgmô Sörgel.

2 thoughts on “Sandus: no “threats”, merely intentions

  1. More later. For now, know this – for the Netherlands, Bradley’s notion that most muslims or North Africans are criminals is actually known fact. Almost two-thirds of all Moroccan men in the Netherlands – a group numbering over a hundred thousand – has been known to police as a criminal and has been arrested at least once before the age of 22.

    • And know this: For the United States, it is true that 40% of African Americans are incarcerated. However, in this country we have something known as “respect” where, unless you’re making a case respectfully, it’s offensive to group all African Americans together and call them criminals. Furthermore, at least in the United States, we are aware of racial stereotypes by police; therefore, it’s not so absurd that an immigrant group would be considered criminals and, thereby, their numbers would be inflated by fact of social view on immigrants being criminals. It’s largely considered that if you are Hispanic or African American, you’re more likely to (1) be arrested by police or (2) incarcerated for the same crime a Caucasian man would commit.

      Finally, it should be noted that several sciences have followed in dropping these racial terminologies. M. Dullahan continues to use the word “negroid” to describe African Americans, Africans, and other sub-divisions of this anthropological race division. The word means “having negro features racially” and has been rightfully discontinued in most fields because of its relationship to the racial slur Negro.

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