Sandum Musical Recording Cooperative Founded

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

Ixstrum Records is the newest cooperative of the State.

The first cooperative by the IN-01 (Industry-01) form, rather than by Royal edict (Royal Cooperatives, such as Collegio Sacerdae), has been created in the State. As a joint venture between Sandus and Erephisia, Sandum and Erephisian citizens have come together and utilised one of the rights of citizens: le Commerça Liuo, or the Commercial right to create cooperatives and create cooperative contracts.

Citizen and Co-Director André Sammut and Co-Director Billy Neil have already begun to create music.  The cooperative focuses on experimental ambient and industrial music — two aspects indicative of Sandus’s aesthetics, especially in terms of the Party, and indicative of the cultural liberty in the State. The Central Directory of the Office of the Sôgmô, the State records of Sandus, has already created a new section for Ixstrum. The State has already seen preparations for the album the cooperative is working on, fulfilling both Technocratic and Socialist livelihood — the meeting point of Sandus and Erephisia.

After the Sôgmô and the former Erephisian President met this Summer at the PoliNations conference, relations have warmed between the two states, indicative by this new cooperative.

— Sôgmô Sörgel.

2 thoughts on “Sandum Musical Recording Cooperative Founded

  1. “President” should be changed to “former President”, as the current President of Erephisia is myself.

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