Zealandian Provocations are Unfounded


Anthony Fowler, through the Zealandian Gazette, has published an article out-right attacking this State and its policies. Though many have said to our initial announcement of this statement that this State is in no way involved, that is hardly the case when President Fowler directly implicates Sandum citizens in the recent and “speedy” guilty verdict of Fowler’s court, directly attacks the State of Sandus, and continues to undermine Sandus’s sovereign affairs and policies.

This statement goes without saying that M. Fowler’s calculations that Sandus views itself as “holier than thou” (sic) are hardly correct when Sandus understands its issues and, under the present Philia Policy, seeks to review and dispel the complications that we have. Furthermore, Sandus is not higher than any other micronation and we recognise this with our cooperation with states M. Fowler cites as examples in his ideal micronational system: Erephisia, Landashir, and Uberstadt.

Sandus exists peacefully and cooperatively with these states, though M. Fowler berates seriousness and professionalism in State foreign policy as being aggressive and elitist. Indeed Sandus would have existed peacefully with Zealandia had its President not outright and with-out provocation attacked this State in the manner in which he did. It has been Sandum State policy to quietly tolerate Zealandia’s, as stated by the President, less-than-perfect “stage”; we have done so without issue this past Summer and, yet, M. Fowler has risked inflaming relations with his direct attacks against our State.

The policies which M. Fowler attacks, as well, have no business with Zealandia. Indeed, for some time, Sandus has kept clear of Zealandia, her issues, and, ultimately, her news. However, when such an article outright defames this State, its government, and its policies, M. Fowler must learn to reassess what he considers to be elitist; it is not independent and sovereign Sandus, which so recognises the fissures between our two states and keeps to its side, that is elitist but Fowler’s Zealandia which views itself over Sandus to so unwarrantedly attack this State. It is, thereby, Sandus’s State policy to defend this State from all attacks, military or political, as is the objective of the Citizens’ Communist Party’s Libera politics.

As a minor response, this State apologises to M. Fowler if he believes that Sandus abuses its request for foreign officials to call the Sôgmô correctly when it can not address M. Fowler by the manner which he prefers. In our defence, however, M. Fowler changes his name so often from Fowler, to: Markssen, Katessen, Olofsson, and finally Lindström. It has become so often that this State knows now better than to keep track.

— Sôgmô Sörgel.