Beginning of the Philia Fortnight

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

With the Philia Policy’s focus on Libera’s self-advancement in culture, it will become necessary to begin a way in which Sandum citizens can express what they have done to perform Libera. Following the Policy, the Office of the Sôgmô shall publish the works of cultural expression citizens have created: art, literature, music, et cetera. Each fortnight, starting on the Gregorian Sunday the 30th of September, will publish what Sandum citizens have done to express themselves and their culture. Each fortnightly report will focus on the eight aspects of culture: Attitudes; Beliefs; Customs; Traditions; Art; Clothing; Food; Language; and, finally, the Social Achievements of a people.

Focus shall be placed on art as the easiest aspect to create, but work will also be done to express Sandum foods, clothing, and language — as well as the social achievements Sandus has made. Attitudes, beliefs, customs, and traditions will be more difficult to report, but each custom and tradition will be done as it happens — such as the Armilustrium. Attitudes will be reported where necessary and beliefs will often accompany these attitudes, as well as traditions and customs, so as to justify them.

In order for this report on Sandum culture to begin well, Sandum citizens are especially urged to present to the Office of the Sôgmô at least one cultural work they have completed before the publication of the first Philia Fortnight. The issue of confidentiality has been raised by one citizen and, yes, if you wish your work to be present confidentially, it will be. However, we would still appreciate each and every citizen fulfils their duty. This process is, in effect, similar to the role of Chinese bureaucrats in the Chinese Empire where scholar gentry were not only expected to fulfil their work but, in their time off, create works of art for the benefit of the collective society. Though no system of bureaucracy exists in Sandus yet, it is with each citizen fulfilling their cultural duty that more and more obligations may be given to Sandum citizens so as to create an increasingly democratic and merited government and bureaucracy.

Philia Fortnight reports will be published fortnightly from Sunday 30 September to the closest fortnightly Sunday before le Secessio in February. A short recess shall then exist from after le Secessio until after the Regifugia Sancta New Year. Following the Spring Equinox, the Philia Fortnight may continue from late March to late May, ending before Independence Day.

Be creative, Sandum Citizens! Let’s fulfil the Philia Policy’s cultural advancement!

— Sôgmô Sörgel.