Sôgmô excuses Taxes for Autumn Equinox

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

Due to our involvement in the GUM’s 24-hour Quorum held last August, the collective quota for the State in terms of our charity tax has been met. In place of the charity tax for this Equinox, this Office would prefer to see Sandum citizens expressing their culture. It can be anything: food, clothing, art, literature, academic research, language, et cetera. The Sôgmô will continue with tax obligations in order to meet 4,000 grains per season, possibly attempting 8,000 grains to cover the obligations of other Sandum citizens.

The Equinox, which is just 11 days away, should be the climax of cultural work conducted in this late Summer. We shall prepare for continued cultural expression throughout the Winter but we shall return to policies of the State and the objectives which remain for us.

In preparation for the Equinox and for the Armilustrium, the Office of the Sôgmô has restore Sancta-weekly policy projections on the XVII Septembro.

— Sôgmô Sörgel.