Sôgmô sets up Sandum Style & Language Authority

The Logo of the Sandum Style & Language Authority.

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

Within Sandus, publishing and writing are one of our prides. Most recently, the State was noticed for its role in writing and publishing styles by the President of the Appalachian Federation. This is true of much of Sandus and Veritum whose articles known for its symbolic titles and specific style of writing and language.

In order to preserve, advance, and refine the language and style of language within the State of Sandus, the Office of the Sôgmô has promulgated the Sandum Style & Language Authority. With roles such as those of l’Académie française or Office québécois de la langue française and other formal language regulating bodies, the State of Sandus with its English and Sancta languages assume new roles in the constructed culture of the State and of the Sovereign People.

The promulgation of the Authority takes place roughly one month before policy projections shall return in mid-September to the State in preparation for the return of Winter, which is in turn a month before the XIX Octobro (19 October) Armilustrium when isolation goes into effect under the Act on Foreign Affairs of Martio MMXII. Over the next few months, working on the Gregorian weekends, the Office of the Sôgmô shall work to compile, archive, and publish the formal styles of the Sandum writing language. Emphasis shall be placed on the common “Sandum-isms”, such as Sovereign People instead of Sandum People or simply People; the Central People’s Government instead of simply the Government; why Sovereign PeopleCentral People’s Governmentthe Office, and the State are always capitalised; et cetera. However, time shall be taken to address the less-known styles of Sandus: writing in British English, rather than American English; addressing the difference between a hotel and an hotel; the importance of the Queen’s and Lethler’s English in Sandum writing style.

The Authority will help to address the differences in Sandum style and the style of most other English speakers. It will also be an opportunity for continuous expansion in the English language and in the Sancta cultural language of the State, as well as immediate expansion in English for the return of the Winter months.

Possible other uses for the Authority include contests, such as poetry and writing  contests. Working with the Collegio Sacerdae, the Authority may also co-sponsor common and regulated prayers in English, Latin, and Sancta to be created for rites and festivals of the Collegio Sacerdae. Along with the Citizens’ Communist Party, the Authority may be able to construct a revolutionary style of investment into the success of the State of the Sovereign People.

— Sôgmô Sörgel.