Preparing for the Winter

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

As of today, which coincides with the first day of my last school year, this Office is preparing for the Winter. As set forth in law and by tradition, the Winter marks the most productive and progressive time for our State. This Office is beginning to prepare for the Winter months. Over the next few weeks, we shall resume all State activities which have been suspended as a result of the Cultural Month of Sextilo. We shall also work to reinstate the weekly policy projections and work to fulfil policy set forth on each A day.

As a result of this recent Cultural Month, in which we immersed ourselves in the culture of our State, this Office shall begin to author several policies which shall be important for the Winter and shall focus on the construction of our culture. These policies shall begin to reinvigorate the State and to aid in its cultural rites and events. Foremost, emphasis must be made on the reasoning and the explanation of that reasoning behind these rites and events of our State’s culture.

We must not lose sight of what is important in our State over these next few years in the beginning confusion of adult life. Following the transcendental belief of our State to do good for all and following the forthright spirit of the Citizens’ Communist Party, we must now work to make Sandus into a State of one culture and not several influences. The key shall be balance, reasoning, and progress: balance of each culture, reasoning as per the Sandum philosophy, and the Socialist spirit of progress for the benefit of the State. These three will work to develop the cultural policy of the State in the upcoming years, when the definition of our State is its most weakest. As a self-arising State, we must define the intent, purpose, and – as Dr. Judy Lattas put it at the 2012 PoliNations Summit – what wrong causes us to be defined as we are.

Our State has always been under the sole control of the Sôgmô, this shall not change for the foreseeable future. Rather, we must begin to allow others to express themselves through Sandus as well as citizens, granted a logical reasoning. This new liberty must be able to be expressed by all citizens and we must begin to allow more citizens within our area, especially, to begin a new era of progress in construction.

Following the Party’s Plan for State development and construction from all citizens,

— Sôgmô Sörgel.