Sôgmô declares Alnôbak Week

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

As Baroque week closes, the new week arrives with a new fervour of activity and opportunity to show our culture and to express ourselves. The past week saw fervent listening of the historical music of the State under the Baroque period and the listening of the patriotic song and first national anthem Le Chant du Départ. However, this upcoming week is dedicated to the Kremlum Sandus Province’s ancestral roots in the Algonquin peoples of the Wôbanakiak or Wabanaki Conferacy. In order to address the fact that not all Sandum citizens are from the Abenaki nations, the Sôgmô has also expressed hopes that Citizen Sammut may express the history and ancestry of Malta to coincide with this week. Previously, whenever we have had periods of Native American admiration or culture in the past, those periods were met with strong and ardent work by our State for our self-advancement.

Over this upcoming week, Sandus will be listening primarily to Channum Unum Alnôbak, named after the title of the Abenaki in their language. The Baroque schedule on the main Channum Unum channel shall be discontinued after the Gregorian Monday or the Sancta XX C Sextilo.

Posters and poems related to Native American themes and sentiments towards nature, history, culture and society shall be released by the Office of the Sôgmô on the State of Sandus Facebook page. The Office of the Sôgmô is currently preparing to draft a short story and a declaration to relate these themes and concepts of the State.

The great-grandfather of the Sôgmô hailed from Trois-Rivières, Québec, across the Saint Laurence river from Bécancour, Québec, où se trouve the Abenaki reservation Wôlinak. The Abenakis from Wôlinak are purported to be from the Sokokis of Vermont and from the late settlement of the Norridgewock on the Kennebec river. The Sôgmô visited the site of the Norridgewock village on the Kennebec last year, believed to be genealogically important to the Royal Family.
Though this week is dedicated to the Indigenous Peoples of the Abenaki and the Maltese, the Sôgmô shall also focus on the Québecois in language and in serving poutine.

In addition to Channum Unum Alnôbak, the main Channum Unum will begin to air a short schedule comprised of Abenaki music and stories, as well as Québecois music. This schedule shall even include the Sôgmô story-telling the traditional tale of how Kchi Niwaskw, the Great Spirit, created the world and les Gens du Pays, the de facto anthem of the Province of Québec. The schedule will also air some videos on the Abenaki language from Western Abenaki Radio.

With only a few months before Novembro (November), which is dedicated in North America as the month for Native Americans and Polynesians, the Sôgmô shall complete this week with ordering an Abenaki flag of the Sokoki band.

— Sôgmô Sörgel.