Channum Unum to Play Händel

At the end of the month of Quintilo, the Sôgmô declared this month of Sextilo to be dedicated to Sandum culture.

The past week was dedicated to Buddhism in the form of the Sôgmô travelling to Kunzang Odsal Palyul Changchub Chöling (often simply Kunzang Palyul Chöling or KPC) where the Sôgmô took refuge in the Buddhist three jewels before the altar of Padmasambhava and engaged in discussion on the importance of compassion, karma’s fruition, and the nature of bodhinirvana in comparison to what is said of the Buddha Kuntuzangpo’s mind. The Sôgmô also worked to repair stupas where he sanded them down and then painted them with primer. The Sôgmô met with several Anis and Lamas (Nuns and Monks, respectively) at KPC after not visiting the temple for some months. As it takes several hours to visit KPC from Kremlum Sandus, it is not convenient to make habitual trips and therefore trips are organised in duration to make the occasion special.

This upcoming week shall be dedicated, instead, to Sandus’ enjoyment of the Baroque movement in musical form and architectural form. Channum Unum has already prepared to air the works of Georg Friedrich Händel over the next week. This schedule may grow to include more of his works and others — such as Bach, Vivaldi, Lully, and Purcell — which fall into the genre of Baroque music.
The current schedule is:

  1. Let God Arise & Blessed Be God
  2. Water Music, Suites No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3
  3. Sing Unto God
  4. Music for the Royal Fireworks

Again, other works may be added to this schedule which shall supersede the regular Channum Unum schedule for the week.

The new Channum Unum Händel schedule will air at Noon SLT (UTC-5).

Sandus shall follow Baroque architecture over the next week, as well, through various media. Second Life will be used to capture Baroque and other similar architecture in addition to what ever other resources may be utilised to capture examples of Baroque music. Examples of Baroque work shall be compiled for another report next week when it is expected that the Sextila Cultural Month will focus on Impressionism with music of the likes of Claude Debussy and art of the likes of Claude Monet, whose Impression, soleil levant gave name to this art movement.

— Sôgmô Sörgel.