Sôgmô declares New Guidelines for Enacting Laws

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

According to Article 3 of the Founding Law of the State, “All power is to the Sôgmô”. Thereby, all legislative and executive powers of passing laws and enacting policy falls under the power of the Sôgmô whose honour acts as vanguard for our State. However, this Article fails to provide a guideline for passing law and enacting policy. As a result, the power of enacting laws is one which has been conducted in a different manner time and time again. With this article in the national journal of our State, issued from the Office of the Sôgmô at le Palaso d’Etato in Kremlum Sandus province, this Office shall begin a common, public, and transparent way of passing and enacting laws for all citizens to see.

Following in the traditions of centuries, this official journal of our State shall contain all laws — those currently in the Library of the State and those hereby enacted — and the former manner of writing laws shall change as well. In order to codify these changes and the common procedure of enacting and passing laws from now on,

  • PDF files shall no longer be utilised and, rather, TXT files — those utilised by Notepad on Windows operating systems — shall be utilised to make all laws accessible and easy to make.
  • Unless where they are authored, preambles of laws are no longer necessary and their strict style — kept in the past by this Office — shall be ended in order to allow more laws to be enacted with less effort.
  • This Office shall dissuade from using inappropriately informal language in laws, as it never has done so in the past.
  • A category shall be specifically dedicated to Laws on Veritum Sandus, as the official journal of this State.
  • The practice of enacting decrees, edicts, and laws shall be discontinued; in their place, only laws shall be passed, citing Article 3 in which all law-making power is to the Sôgmô.

May these changes to the law-making procedure advance our State!
— Sôgmô Sörgel.