Sôgmô and Renasian Chairman visit British Museum, St.Charlian Delegation

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The Sôgmô met with the Renasian Chairman for a second time this week. Jacob Tierney, Chairman of the Free State of Renasia, and the Sôgmô travelled to Holborn station, where both met and travelled to the British Museum. The Sôgmô and the Chairman both visited the exhibits on Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Mesopotamia. Both saw the galleries on the Nereid Monument from Xanthos, Lycia, and the Parthenon Galleries. The Sôgmô pointed out Kemetic, Hellenistic, and Roman deities to the Chairman, who was pleased with the information that is so important to our State and our culture. Both then travelled by the London Underground to South Kensington, where both walked to the Sandum delegation’s flat. At the flat, both read and enjoyed each other’s company before deciding to meet the St.Charlian delegation at a pub in Earl’s Court. Dinner was had at a Chinese restaurant by South Kensington station and waffles were shared between the two statesmen before travelling to Earl’s Court station, where both the Sôgmô and Chairman met with St.Charlian Prime Minister Alexander Reinhardt and President James Lunam. Topics ranged from the importance of this Summit, the affairs of Kozuc in St.Charlie, and a potential association for the Grand Unified Micronational. Both the Sôgmô and the Chairman left the pub at around midnight and left each other on the train as the Sôgmô left for South Kensington station and walked home to the Sandum delegation’s flat in Chelsea.

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