Gallery of Important Sandum Flags

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

In preparation of the Summit and in celebration of the times, the Office of the Sôgmô has published this album of photos of the Sandum flag amongst her allies’, her causes’ and her cooperatives’ flags. Enjoy!

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Can you identify all of them? Post your answers if you think you see a flag you recognise!

2 thoughts on “Gallery of Important Sandum Flags

  1. All answers from left-right:
    First Image: Nemkhavia, St. Charlie, Renasia, Sandus, Erusia, Austenasia, Landashir
    22nd: Buddhist Flag, Sandus, Buddhist Flag
    25th: Abenaki, Sandus, Abenaki
    28th: Hawaii, Sandus
    30th: Soviet Union, Sandus

    Also, which software was used to create these images?

    • Well done! The one after the first set is the Flag of the Sôgmô with the State flag, then the flag of the Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus with the State flag, and finally all the flags of Sandus from the Grand Lamate, the first Barony, the People’s State and the Democratic People’s Republic, and finally to the second Barony (of Kremlum Sandus), the Territory, and, now, the State.

      These are from Second Life. A store called Chakra Nova has a flag-template that you can make textures for applying them to the template flag, which come in one 0, three different 45, and one 90 degree staff variant.

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