Celebration of Compassion – Tax Titles

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

As of a few hours ago, the Office of the Sôgmô has issued a royal edict establishing titles for those who overpay on their taxes. Recognising the compassionate activity of fulfilling and going beyond tax, this Government has authorised a system of awards and decorations to be given to those who do just that.

These Titles for Taxes, as the edict proclaims, shall have three niveaux: one for 20,000 grains which shall be translations for Caring, one for 50,000 grains which shall be translations for Loving, and a list of cognomina for the highest award of 100,000 grains: Camillus or Camilla, Habitus or Habita, Lepidus or Lepida, Natta, Nerva, or Poplicola. As was expressed earlier, these titles may be awarded more than once but the cognomina may not be.

The titles and cognomina may be removed as a punishment for failing to meet tax obligations for each quarter.

Article 5 then describes the cognomina in Article 3 and the placement of titles and cognomina:

Article 5. The cognomina of Article 3 may be defined as:
Camillus & Camilla – a child attendant of a religious rite or prayer
Habitus & Habita – in good physical condition, in the case of this edict, as a result of kind work
Lepidus & Lepida – charming or amusing
Natta – an artisan, in the case of this edict, for compassionate activity or the Bodhicitta
Nerva – vigourous, in the case of this edict, in fulfilling taxes and compassionate activity
Poplicola – a friend of the people; a variant of Publicola, which is reserved for the Sôgmô
Those cognomina ending with –a, save Natta, Nerva, and Poplicola, are reserved for women.
Those cognomina ending with –us are reserved for men.
Cognomina appear at the end of a name, whereas the titles of Articles 1 and 2 appear at the beginning of a recipient’s name.

The Edict on Titles for Tax – 10:20 XXIX Iunio MMXII – (PDF)

— Sôgmô Sörgel.