Sôgmô Declares First LGBT Pride Week

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

On June 28th, 1969, members of the LGBT community in Greenwich village, New York City, were victim of homophobic discrimination by the American NYPD. In the early morning of that day, patrons of the known gay bar of the Stonewall Inn were held and transsexuals in the bar were checked by female officers for verifying their sex. Those men dressed as females were detained and arrested. The rest of those there were released but, unlike the other times the NYPD had shut down gay bars, those released stayed outside, surrounding the door of the Stonewall Inn. In the beautiful fervour of the event, many began to chant “Gay Power” and sing We Shall Overcome as the crowd began a revolt that would change the course of LGBT history. In multiple strategic moves the NYPD would take the next few days, the LGBT community of Greenwich successfully countered and became a beacon of hope for revolutionary change in that, as Allen Ginsberg described, the LGBT community “lost the wounded look”.
Today, within the region of North America, this month is commemorated for the history of the LGBT Civil Rights movement.

Following in the resiliency of the LGBT Civil Rights movement, which often utilised revolutionary action, this Government has decided to celebrate for the first time this week and, especially, XXVIII Iunio for the Stonewall Revolution. Over the next week, we shall raise the Rainbow Flag in representing the LGBTQ community and we urge all citizens and all foreign nations and leaders to commemorate XXVIII (the 28th) for the revolutionary event of the Stonewall Revolution. That day shall be celebrated in Sandus proper with celebratory wine and tarts as well as playing songs that are the “gay anthems“.

Long Live the Stonewall Revolution!
Let us advance the Rainbow Flag amongst the Sandum Tricolour and the Red Flag of the Party!

— Sôgmô Sörgel.

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