Libera: Success for Sandus in Anti-Federal Policy

From the Voice of Sandus:

Libera calls for the utter self defence of the nation in all instances of military aggression or political actions taken to counter the State’s policies. For the past few months, Libera politics have been utilised by the Office of the Sôgmô in order to respond to instances of aggression from Nemkhavia, which are being peacefully resolved by both governments, and in order to defend this State’s anti-Federalism policy. This anti-Federalism policy has been misinterpreted by Nemkhavia as being an “anti-Nemkhav” policy, though such is hardly the case as this Government approached the Nemkhav Federal Government in order to assure peace for both sides. However, this anti-Federalism policy has been most recently misinterpreted by nouveaux St.Charliens who have viewed this anti-Federalism policy as an “anti-Kozuc” policy.

The anti-Federalism policy is in concerns to micronational federations constructed across geographical, social and cultural barriers. The Office of the Sôgmô often views these federations as easily being able to fall apart and consistently explains the State’s belief that micronational federations of such a variety can only maintain themselves by having an internal ‘pull’ or an external ‘push’. In many cases, some federations have a ‘pull’ of a stable and founded federal government; in others, they have the external ‘push’ of foreign pressure: in many cases, this pressure originates from Sandus. Without the State’s micronational-variant of the anti-Federalism policy, the Office of the Sôgmô understands that some of these federations would lose the pressure uniting them. “It is by the revolutionary activity of the Office of the Sôgmô, especially in concerns to Libera and our anti-Federal policy, that often unites these federations in many processes; if we would be quiet in concerns to our anti-Federal policy, we would expect that the forces that bind culturally-independent micronations together would erode away,” explained the Sôgmô.

However, most recently, the topic of Kozuc has come up between micronational leaders, especially the founder of Kozuc. The State notes that Kozuc has historically and culturally been a “gang” of teenagers fighting with another gang with ‘airsoft’ weapons. However, under the guidance of the Sôgmô, who has before expressed disfavour towards this issue between Kozuc and Skendal, the State has expressed disfavour towards the failure of the federal system upon Kozuc. “In a discussion with M. Small last night, he explained to me that Skendal was still operating against Kozuc. We explained to him that action must be taken in order to end this and, with great hopes and aspirations, create a revolutionary social change within Kozuc from a gang of children to that of respectable individuals whose civilian government will triumph by example over the aggressive neighbours in Skendal. However, revolutionary action must be taken by the Kozuc government, which explained that this issue is now in the hand of the St.Charlian Federal Government and has stalled in those halls of state,” the Sôgmô informed in regards to recent events.

Word is still coming from Kozuc that the new “Federation-esque” policy of St.Charlie will succeed in Kozuc. However, the trend of history and current events show that nothing has changed in that country. “With the revolutionary and compassionate guidance of the Party, we always wish for success and progress within Kozuc.”

With many more micronational leaders beginning to chime in, the issue involving Kozuc looks to not be resolved by the time of the Quintila PoliNations Summit, where the Sôgmô has invited Kozuc and St.Charlian officials to visit the grave of Karl Marx and to dinner at the ambassadorial residence in the London region. Though with Libera politics, Comrades, the State has already made head-way in advancing State policies. “It is due to Libera politics that we have responded in our logic and reasoning towards the events going on within Kozuc and St.Charlie. And, thankfully, a few leaders have listened and have finally understood our reasoning and logic, though they are less than compelled to act on that analysis. Time shall tell to see if the anti-Federal policy will be successful on its own or if it shall be necessary to engage Libera once more.” With the anti-Federal policy, it is clear that the guidance of the Sôgmô will continue to work for the supreme sovereignty and independence of micronations throughout the intermicronational community. “Our profession is based upon the underlying importance of sovereignty of our states. To betray that is to betray one’s state.”
With Libera, it shall be clear that those under sway of the concessions of the attractive federations shall be embattled with the logic and reasoning of the State under the revolutionary guidance of the Party!

Gaius Sörgel