The Long Day: Administrative Holiday

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

For the past week, we have been preparing for the administrative holiday of the Solstice. With the song Ленин всегда с Тобой or Lenin is always with You, this Government and the Citizens have completed this Spring season’s work. The word ‘holiday’ may not be exactly appropriate, as it denotes a recess or vacation. However, I am sure we certainly will be celebrating the holiday after this Solstice’s census.

About the ‘Relations with Sandus‘ Project
Over the past few days, we have been assessing other micronations’ relation to Sandus in certain key issues important to our State. No certain effect will come out of this project, but it will help to see where our State can place its efforts in policy and practice in expressing and explaining its views. We have completed four out of the six surveys, which have to do with LGBTQ rights, Indigenous Peoples, the Far-Left, Paganism and Polytheism, Philosophy and especially Buddhism, and Sandum History and Influences. So far, these assessments have affirmed that some of our closest allies and partners are similar in relation to Sandus in the first four of those surveys listed above, as well as a few surprises. Pristinia is one nation, for example, that has responded rather well for all first four surveys, and its score for the Indigenous Peoples particularly. An in-depth article shall be released later this week once all results are collected and scores are counted. Those nations who have yet to complete them shall be contacted by the Office of the Sôgmô.

Changes and Updates to the Census
For the first time in our history, we have successfully conducted a census that compiled much needed information into the lives of our citizens. Next equinox, we shall follow in reaffirming that information as well as seeing what other information is necessary for this Government to know. Furthermore, over the next week, we shall assess the potential of civilo and socilivo citizens on becoming Quaestrae or above in the Courso d’Honourae of our State. It is hoped that within the next few weeks, a new law shall allow Socilivo citizenship to be granted to individuals, rather than individual states. Certain criteria shall have to be developed, as well, as this Government shall never endorse policies such as those in other states where nation-sharing is allowed. Finally, the State of Sandus website’s section on citizenship shall be complete with necessary information from the census and a form for applying for citizenship.

New Industrial Cooperative?
Time, too, shall be taken to assess the potential of a Sandum cooperative that manufactures Tsa-Tsas, Tibetan figurines made from clay, dirt, or plaster. Such a cooperative shall be guided by the Kunzang Palyul Chöling sangha in the practice for their creation, the creation of mantra-rolls, and other manufactured Buddhist items. More laws shall then lay the basis of our economy in order to meet our 2015 economic goal.

The Emblem of the Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus depicts the Statue of Zeus upon His throne at Olympia.

In Patria Fides — Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus
Finally, with much celebration and excitement, each solstice and equinox, the Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus awards individuals who have helped our State, citizens or not, the privilege of recognition. Since the medal “restart” last Quintilo (July), this sole state decoration for those individuals aims to recognise their important work in the defence of our State, as laid down by the XXVII Sextilo (27 August) edict founding the Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus. Therefore, it is befitting that this individual, who has defended this State and its policies as of late and for the past few months, be recognised for his work in the defence of Sandus. Mme Jonathan Nobilissimus Caesar has rightfully been awarded his position as Member of the Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus (MOTS). Mme Nobilissimus Caesar joins the Sovereign of the Order, the Sôgmô Gaius Sörgel Publicola; Members of the Order Jacopo Castelletti, Robert Lethler, and André Sammut; and Commander of the Order Jacob Tierney in being the fifth recipient of the Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus.
His Member of the Order medal and M. Tierney’s Star of the Commander of the Order, awarded on the Spring Equinox of this year, shall be awarded to them both on the evening of XIII E Quintilo MMXII in Chelsea, Great Britain. Ura et Felicitas!

Congratulations to Jonathan Nobilissimus Caesar MOTS!

Enjoy the Summer Solstice,
— Sôgmô Sörgel.