Sôgmô Clarifies Quarterly Tax Deadlines

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

A short message on the upcoming tax deadline for the administrative holiday of the Summer Solstice:

Each year, a total of 16,000 grains is expected to be received from each Sandum citizen — from the Civilae, Socilivae, and Peregrae. Each quarter, a minimum of 3,000 grains must be paid but the remaining amount must be made up by the end of the year, otherwise the failure to meet tax obligations is a crime and an act of parasitism on the behalf of the citizen failing to meet their tax obligations. Therefore, it is highly recommended that all citizens pay 4,000 grains — at least — each quarter. Remember, these taxes are done in order to be charitable to our outside world; by fulfilling tax obligations, one has certified that they have donated labour-power for the benefit of others. Taxes are not only limited to FreeRice.com, the common source of tax obligations. One can also be charitable by means of donating money or time to the benefit of others, as is a Sandum and Socialist value.
As a State, we have already donated more than 29,000 grains and more than 100 USD to charity since the beginning of the Sancta year MMXII alone. This is remarkable for a State with no economy and for citizens with no constant sources of employment.

As of this morning, I have clarified that, in preparation for Wednesday’s Solstice in which the Summer quarter officially begins, taxes shall be collected for the Spring quarter only. What this means is that if one overpays for one quarter, the excess amount does not transfer to the following quarter as was previously agreed upon. The purpose for this change is the difficulty it creates in book-keeping and recording. As a result of this and because we can not refund the excess amounts, this Office is working towards the formulation of a rank of titles to be given to those who are charitable enough in overpaying their taxes. There shall be three classes — awarded at 25,000, 50,000 and 100,000 grains over the due amounts (4,000 grains) — that may be awarded more than once; if you overpay your taxes, subtract 4,000 grains from your paid amount to see if you surpass one of these quota. A selection of titles may be given, all coming from archaic words for the similar definitions of concepts of “charitable”, “selflessness”, et cetera. The highest award for overpaying one’s taxes, the 100,000 amount, shall be given in the form of a cognomen that shall receive official state recognition in all public and formal affairs. In doing so with this future commencement, we hope to grant recognition to those Sandum citizens who have made great compassionate strides in charity and donation to our world and towards the ending of suffering for all sentient beings.

— Sôgmô Sörgel.