Policy Projection: XVII – XXIV Iunio MMXII

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

We have worked on presentations for the July PoliNations Summit in London.

We have donated money to saving the Amitabha Stupa in Sedona, Arizona, as well as have spread the word to multiple communities and organisations that have responded favourably to donating money to the Stupa.

We have prepared for the Solstice, especially by laying out tax decisions.

We have worked on the Sandum Portal.

In this upcoming week,

We shall work more on finishing the website once and for all.

We shall conduct the administrative holiday of the Summer Solstice.

We shall conduct a week-long series of surveys aimed at finding the relativity between Sandus and other micronations.

We shall defend the Sandum policy of opposing the rash destruction of stable national governments and national sovereignty for what ever means, especially as a result of boredom or a lack of amusement, and write essays and treatises to those ends.

We shall create titles for those who overpay their taxes.

We shall lay forth work on these objectives from today, le Dixa-Septa A Aprilo MMXII, to the 24th, le Dua-Dixa-Quatra H Iunio MMXII, and draft another projection for the following week of 8-days on the 25th of June, le Dua-Dixa-Cinqua A Iunio MMXII.