Policy Projection: IX – XVI Iunio MMXII

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

We have completed a treatise on Activation Energy.

We have raised taxes for the Summer and overall.

We have defended the State from acts of aggression and we have defended her peace with Nemkhavia.

In the upcoming week,

We shall create presentations for the July PoliNations Summit and for the GUM cultural exhibition.

We shall finish work on the Sandum government’s website, especially now that the Summer is upon us.

We shall commemorate Vestalia and we shall prepare for the Solstice.

We shall lay forth work on these objectives from today, le Nuova Iunio MMXII, to the 16th, le Dixa-Sixa H Iunio MMXII, and draft another projection for the following week of 8-days on the 17th of June, le Dixa-Septa A Iunio MMXII.

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