Tiana & the Foreshadowing of Events


Tiana recently held elections. Within these elections, it appears that M. Markssen was not able to declare his candidacy or stand for election — for some reason or another. In this sense, that is, according to M. Markssen’s description, the breach of democracy that M. Anderson, in his pro-Capitalism tabloid, has recently down-played. Regardless, M. Jucaresti of Juclandia was elected on behalf of a liberal democratic faction within Tiana, seemingly as a mistake and miscalculation by the Tianan Communist Party. Regardless, in this sense, M. Jucaresti is correct in that M. Markssen must uphold these results. However, now, the Riksdag of Zealandia has condemned Tiana’s elections and the Juclandian King, and the Juclandian King has acted against Zealandia.

Before pro-Capitalist elements within this community ignite in a new ICA — as we are currently seeing increasingly aggressive attacks against the nations comprising the loose Left Bloc of our community, it must be noted that these recent events taking place within Tiana were not only predicted but also this government advised against the reasons that have fostered them. It was late last Spring when this government advised both Zealandia and Tiana against the introduction of foreign micronationalists into their realms; that advice was viewed as an attempt to bring about the demise of both states and, yet, this government’s predictions turned out to be correct: at this time, we are witnessing results of what this government considers ‘nation-sharing’ — a practice in which a micronationalist shares his duties with his own micronation and another. In this case, all three main officials involved — Mssrs. Markssen, Puglisi, and Jucaresti — have engaged in ‘nation-sharing’, and have done so for some time. This is for the same reason that despite St.Charlie recently allowing foreign micronations to become federations within the Federal Republic, St.Charlie continues to have a ban on dual citizenship. This is to ensure that the duties of St.Charlian citizens come first to the Federal Republic, that there shall be no conflict of interest, and that there shall be no needless and petty issues such as these that arise.

M. Anderson, one who was over-come with his own emotions to have noticed nothing more but this slight change in ideology, has seemingly ignored the fact that this is a result of a greater issue within micronationalism, especially our intermicronational community: states which share citizens, especially when those citizens hold offices of power and position, are doomed to have conflicts. This is why, even on a macronational scale, a foreign noble or foreign official can not hold a position of power within the United States — it is a constitutional provision that such can not happen. When this issue was predicted and this situation advised against last Spring, this government was asked for evidence of occurrences of when this happened. No such issues have been in existence in the past, as the past clearly belonged to more responsible individuals who realised this fact, and it is only until now that a clear exaggerated example can now be given to all those who dare defy common sense and logic in sharing of titles and positions within other micronations. No form of government or good and friendly relations can keep issues such as these from taking place if nation-sharing is tolerated. Tiana and Zealandia once shared a political friendship that was described by this government as a hegemony — today, that hegemony and close friendship has been betrayed by even the legislature of Zealandia since condemning these recent elections within Tiana.

Issues such as these, which have never been so exaggerated, have always been advised against by this government; however, whenever this government has ever advised against such situations, this government and this State have been painted to be imperialistic enemies of nations, seeking to control and commandeer nations from their rightful and legitimate rulers. Such imperialistic tendencies have never been true and, to this day, this State not only condemns this practice of nation-sharing, often used in an attempt to expand the population and — therefore — the influence of one’s micronation, but this State also condemns the practice of utilising one’s power to affect the system of another sovereign state. It is in this sense of the inflation of a micronation’s population and influence by nation-sharing that simply leads to the growth of ego and ego shall always lead to desire and instances of suffering, such as these.
In a community wherein this government and State is conceived to be prisoner to its own ego and “imperialistic tendencies”, it ought to be noted that this State has consistently advised against such practices and actions by foreign states as being an irresponsible course of action with no profit or benevolent outcome for this State or government.

Therefore, no party of these events deserve condemnation but, rather, the practices used by all three states involved — Tiana, Zealandia, and Juclandia — are deserving of the condemnation received from all around. This is no matter of amusement for Capitalists and Socialists alike, for when sovereign states are bewildered by this plague there is no ideology or economic system that can keep it from infecting every-one and every-thing; this has been clearly shown by the Communists and Liberal Democrats within Tiana.

This State and Government realises that Juclandia, Tiana, and Zealandia shall view this condemnation of this practice as a condemnation of their individual states, and this government must stress that this is not the case. As I have noted to Tianan and Zealandian officials, this condemnation comes in response to the predictions of this State — which, after a year, determine themselves to be correct predictions. This State further realises that none of the parties involved shall willingly abandon this practice of nation-sharing, as the individuals involved are so deeply entrenched in this practice that doing so shall be as to tear a member of their body from them — M. Puglisi shall not surrender his Zealandian citizenship, Mssrs. Markssen and Jucaresti shall not surrender their Tianan citizenship.
This fact, however, remains clear to those who dare test the length of common sense and logic:
We, as micronationalists, have a duty to our states and only to them; nothing ought to be done in order to cloud that line of one’s state from another’s.

This State shall continue to condemn this practice of nation-sharing in the present and future of this community until it shall no longer be a trend within the intermicronational community, a trend which corrupts an individual state’s sovereignty as this State is consistently opposed to.
Therefore, Tiana is indeed painted in a shade of blue: the blue of sorrow and depression for being victim to carelessness and recklessness.

— Sôgmô Sörgel.