Sôgmô Increases Tax Rate

After days spent speaking with Sandum citizens, the Sôgmô has finally approved an increase of the tax rate from 12,000 grains per year to an expected 20,000 grains of rice per year. The minimum payable amount for a single season is currently 3,000 grains of rice per quarter, but it is now advised to pay 4,000 grains of rice per quarter in order to finish payment of 20,000 grains of rice per year. Another system was discussed during discussions last night in which exemptions for days worked or spent in places of education would reduce the expected amount of grains of rice each season, but it was decided to follow the simpler route as advised by Socilivo citizen Sammut of Blesbí.

This increase in the tax rate for FreeRice.com comes before the Sôgmô is expected to expand the abilities of Socilivo citizenship, allowing Socilivae citizens to hail from foreign states which have no Socilivo-state treaty or status with Sandus.