Nemkhavia Fails in Imperialist NSMZ

News came yesterday morning that the highest Zealandian authorities and officials had expressed their stern distaste for Nemkhavia’s disrespect of Zealandia’s political and social environment, an environment that is the very culture of Zealandia. Some of the Kingdom’s highest officials resigned, including the King from the position of President and M. Puglisi showed his solidarity. Reports from the Kingdom state that only some twenty minutes before the resignation of the President, Zealandian politicians were showing their disfavour and regret at welcoming the Nemkhav Stability Mission of Zealandia (NSMZ), a sad reminder of Nemkhavia’s imperialist aspirations, and some politicians moved in the Riksdag to see through to the legislative capacities of parliament if the Nemkhav Mission refused to leave Zealandia.

It is clear that this action of Zealandia and her respective government were a matter of national importance, as Zealandian sovereignty has been harmed with the Nemkhav Mission’s acceptance to squander the independence of Zealandia. Zealandia has been struggling since a coup d’état in Ianuario MMXI (January 2012) and it has been clear that advice for navigating these difficult waters of state was necessary but Nemkhavia has once more shown her desire for blood by creating a mission that did not act to advise the Zealandian government from the exterior but, rather, to impede and destroy the sovereignty of Zealandia. For some time, this government has been willing to give Zealandia advise on affairs when asked to by King Håkon, but Nemkhavia went further just after the Mission was expelled from Zealandia and Zealandian sovereignty was restored.

In a public statement to concerned officials, Foreign Minister Hakimoto of the Nemkhav Federation gave an initial well-received and kind gesture at Nemkhavia’s departure, noting Nemkhavia’s continued hope for fair and free elections and continued advice on a new Constitution. However, the public statement immediately turned sour in the next paragraph and Nemkhavia, not living down their façade of democracy and freedom, accused Zealandian politicians, of which Zealandia is their realm and not Nemkhavia’s, of attempting to remove the Nemkhav Mission in response to their work towards a buoyant democratic system within Zealandia. However, according to Zealandian officials, the action to remove the Mission was simply at the distaste of being a colonial puppet of the Federation and having the sovereignty of a long-independent nation belittled and subverted by Nemkhavia. The Nemkhav Foreign minister condemned the Zealandian action by expressing little hope for Zealandia. Unfortunately for the Foreign Minister, Zealandia has long been an independent nation, in all her affairs, and that independence ought to not be attacked by any state believing that they will tame her. Zealandia indeed has her problems, but they will not be helped by the colonial desires of Nemkhavia to expand her sphere of power or influence. Her problems will only be solved by Zealandians themselves and the only help any state or individual may give would be advice from the exterior, and Sandus is prepared to give her that help where Nemkhavia was too overcome by her colonial greed.

Unfortunately, the King of Zealandia has informed us that our stability mission is no longer welcome. We instead shall remain observers of elections which will be organised by the Zealandians themselves, and also as advisers for the drafting of a new Constitution.

This expulsion is in direct response to Nemkhavia’s advocacy for a watertight electoral system, preventing any politician (including the King) from rigging elections or from having undue influence over other citizens’ votes. We also question whether some of the responses to our census survey were genuine. As such, we do not have much faith that a true democracy can take root in Zealandia, and we do not expect much from their upcoming elections. 

— Foreign Minister Hakimoto’s public statement.
15:32 SLT, XVII Maio MMXII.

Ecrivana par le demando de Rexo Håkon, Thorkjavik,
— Sôgmô Sörgel.

6 thoughts on “Nemkhavia Fails in Imperialist NSMZ

  1. “…Nemkhavia’s disrespect of Zealandia’s political and social environment, an environment that is the very culture of Zealandia.” If you want to consider corruption, election rigging, and domination of the political system by a small group of people “culture”, then you certainly may, M. Soergel. We consider democracy more important than any cultural or historical aspects; this is not imperialism.

    The idea that Nemkhavia is an imperialist power seeking to take over other states is, quite frankly, ridiculous and delusional. We entered on the invitation of the Zealandian government with the intent of establishing a democratic government, regardless of the wishes of those who would rather the system be more open to undemocratic manipulation. When we were notified that our efforts to establish a watertight democratic system were no longer welcome, we did not attempt to force our continued presence on the Zealandian people and we withdrew. We issue our sharp criticism of Zealandia’s antipathy to democracy as a separate nation; by no means do we attempt to force our ideals on Zealandia. The fact that you are clearly against democracy being brought to corrupt nations concerns me, M. Soergel, and decreases the validity of your criticism of our actions.

    • It is, in fact, an action of violating sovereignty that can be considered an act of imperialism. The idea of an invitation is hardly true, when it was the Nemkhav President and Prime Minister who offered this plot to Zealandia — and some how, in some way or another, it was passed. It is clear that Nemkhavia has failed to create a democratic government, has failed to respect the sovereignty and independence of Zealandia, and it has failed to leave respectfully from the state, especially noticing the second paragraph of the public statement. In way of actively criticising Zealandia, Nemkhavia has condemned Zealandia for her respect of her sovereignty; it is by both this condemnation and criticism that Nemkhavia has openly declared to Zealandia that only conforming to her views and requests will see her be free from torment of colonisation or as a puppet of some foreign mission. This State, Government, and Office are in no way undemocratic, as Nemkhavia has declared of us. The Office of the S8gm8 is an elected position, and it was made an elected position by the Office itself; such is not any sort of apathy for democracy, when this Office openly made itself democratic, not from the People’s wish but from the Office’s own.

    • Wait…WAIT! You are saying that you prefer take over a country or coup d’etat a country, so you can implant democracy in such country? How can you not call that imperialism. That is disgusting and should not be tolerated.

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