Sôgmô to consider Increased Taxes

The Act on Citizenship of Martio MMXII instituted the duty of all Sandum citizens to perform and meet taxes in order for the greater social work of the State of Sandus. However, unlike other forms of tax, the Act on Citizenship approved non-monetary forms of taxation to be used. As in ancient civilisations which did not utilise currency, the State has promoted the use of charity and donations to other causes, not including the State. The role of taxation is stipulated in Section 1 — Citizenship, Articles 6 through 8, which declare:

Article 6. Forms of taxation for the State of Sandus may be levied to all levels of citizenship for donations to the State, for charitable work to individual and world communities, and for work for both the State and the world according to policies of social activism and compassion; these forms of taxation are levied for the advancement of the State and its policies, and individual citizens may decide their form of taxation at times of the census.
Article 7. The State of Sandus and its socilivo states are obligated to conduct a progressive and quarterly census for elections, taxation and general knowledge of the State; registration for the elections and tax declarations are conducted at times of the census.
Article 8. The State and its socilivo counterparts may hand down punishments for not meeting tax quotae, though punishments may not exceed a requirement of the failed quotae or reducing civilae to peregrae status and must benefit Sandus or its policies.

However, due to the arrival of the Summer season, in which many Sandum citizens are free from other obligations, the Office of the Sôgmô is currently considering levying an increase in the expected tax for the Summer seasons. At present, the average rate of taxation is 3,000 grains of rice on FreeRice.com and this may increase further but the Sôgmô has not yet specified a definitive amount, though the Office has considered increasing the rate to some 5,000 grains of rice for the Solstice and the Vernal Equinox. The taxation rate for the Sôgmô, which is currently at the average of 3,000 grains per season, may increase to double the current amount and, if the expected increase to 5,000 grains passes, the Summer amount may double as well. Over the next week, before the month of Iunio, the Sôgmô shall speak with key Sandum citizens and discuss the possibility of increasing taxes.

The Sôgmô may begin the precedent of contributing money to charity as well, predominantly to Stop CSA, a charity that is dedicated to awareness and to the end of child sexual abuse. The Sôgmô, a victim of heinous sexual abuse on nearly daily occasions for four years of his childhood, has explicitly stated that his attempt to stop sexual abuse will not end at the mere donating of funds to charity. The Sôgmô has also stated that he is considering joining and donating time and work to organizations such as Grassroots, a charity in the region of Kremlum Sandus that seeks to serve those in need and the homeless.

The increase of taxes and incorporation of communal charity will be added to the Policy Projection tonight for XXV to XXXI Maio.