Sôgmô Leads Procession to Mark Three Years of Sandus

Audio for this article can be found here.

As a part of today’s celebration for the Third Anniversary of the Independence of Sandus, the Sôgmô shall be leading a procession of citizens in the Kremlum Sandus province for heading to the rivers of the Patuxent watershed. The first procession shall be to the Middle Patuxent river, just a few miles from the Palaso d’Etato, where the Sôgmô shall lead the procession in prayers under his capacity as Sacra Flameno of the Collegio Sacerdae collective.

After lunch, the next procession shall then leave from the Palaso d’Etato and go by car to a garden on the shores of the Triadelphia Reservoir, that is a part of the greater Patuxent River, where the Sôgmô shall be observing the plants on the far-shore of the river.

The Sôgmô shall be joined by other citizens and residents of the Kremlum Sandus province, though celebrations also extend to the Socilivo State of Blesbí where Socilivo citizen Sammut shall be celebrating with another procession around the island of Malta which shall finish with a small dinner. Celebrations shall continue into the night, with a hopeful essay on the concept of micronational Activation Energy to be published this weekend in commemoration of the event as well as a general fête celebrated later in the night. However, the celebrations shall not hinder the Office of the Sôgmô in its capacities, as the promised article responding to Nemkhavia’s reasoning behind its recent actions is expected later in the afternoon.