Libera: Victory over A1 (VoS)

From the Voice of Sandus:

Libera, a word which resonates in the ideology and philosophy of Sandus, is known for its emphasis on independence and freedom. Indeed the word means exactly that, originating from Latin liber. It stresses the importance of self-defence and independence in politics and government, and its implementation has done exactly that. Since the times of infamous aggression directed at our State, and even to today, Sandus has followed Libera, even without its definition.

In 2010, during the Great Ideological Conflict with Wyvern and the Intermicronational Conservative Alliance, Libera’s stress on self-defence was utilised when the ICA promoted policies of “fighting Socialism”, an imperialistic aim to do away with Socialism. Libera was used even before that, during the Insola War, when Sandus denied the ultimata against us from New Europe and Pristinia. Even in the OAM and the community today, Libera shapes the politics of Sandus.

One such event that it has shaped is our relations with A1, Yabloko, and, most recently, Nemkhavia. Despite A1’s growth in political affairs within the community in 2010, Sandus looked on its growth with disdain. Very little had warranted its growth: a micronation built for fun with a Liberal passing off as a Communist, its leader’s unfortunate choice in a pseudonym and his arguments against micronational sovereignty that came later, despite the fact he was a micronationalist. A1’s rise in power — which seemed to have little to no basis for intramicronational growth in politics or responsibility, as has been seen even recently with Koss and with Havnesgade-Amager — was synonymous with that of Yabloko, which both formed into a political alliance under TASPAC. TASPAC’s constant abuse of our State, besides its two leading members having no basis for their growth in power besides their own prostitution and seduction over other micronationalists, was one mere cause of Libera’s implementation in Sandus’ constant self-defence.
If micronationalism had wars, the political disputes and conflicts would be them; and if those were our wars, Libera politics would crown us by Nike.

To this day, former TASPAC members continue to attack and berate Sandus and her Central People’s Government. However, they have no regard for our Libera politics. Do they not understand that it is the ideology of Sandus to continue to defend ourselves, until the metaphorical death? This has been shown with the demise of A1 and the abuse we have received, from TASPAC puppets and the puppeteers’ marionette arguments, over relating this Victory over Aggression to the Victory over Fascism that is celebrated on the IX of Maio, especially when the former happened on the occasion of Lemuria along with Remembrance Day. This Party, this State, and our Government is completely dedicated to our self-defence under the premise of Libera politics.

Gaius Sörgel