Mercuralia MMXII

Sacra Flameno Gaius Sörgel Salutem Plurimam Dicit pro cette Mercuralia:

Commemorated on the Ides de Maio (Ides of May), le Dixa-Cinqua (XV) Maio, this is the first time that the Collegio Sacerdae has celebrated Mercuralia — the Festival of Mercury — which is held as the date of birth of Hermes, as He is known in Sandus by His Greek name. According to tradition, on this day, merchants from Rome would celebrate by sprinkling festive and auspicious water from a well near the Portus Capena onto their heads, wares, and ships by laurel boughs. The day’s auspicious deal would then be sealed by the merchants, as Hermes is the God of Commerce and Merchants, by a luxurious feast with their family and other merchants.

Though the Collegio Sacerdae was founded in April of 2011, the practice of celebrating religious festivals did not begin until Armilustrium MMXI on XIX Octobro MMXI. Although not all religious festivals are celebrated, today’s festival was celebrated with the sprinkling of water from the water vessel upon the Altar of the Buddha in le Palaso d’Etato, Kremlum Sandus, onto the head of the Sôgmô, the Buddha, the thangka of Kalachakra, the image of Athena, the bust of Lenin, and the poster commemorating the Battle of Kursk.

The next festival expected to be commemorated by the Collegio Sacerdae shall be Agonalia MMXII, which falls on XXI E Maio.

Di vos incolumes custodiant!

— Sacra Flameno Sörgel.