A1’s Disappearing Act

Ave, Sandum Citizens, et «Ura!»

Le Chant du Départ, the first anthem of Sandus and a patriotic song of our State, has been ringing out of le Palaso d’Etato this evening. Word was finally revealed by M. Frederic Bayer of Pristinia that A1, the state behind many attacks against our State, has begun the process of dissolving. In a day reminiscent of the demise of Nazi Germany on May 9th, 1945, it appears that the Federated Republics of A1 will seemingly disappear as a micronation due to the demise and departure of its founder Philip Fish, who has taken the pseudonyms Philip Fish, John Hogg, and now Gordon Freeman for the defence of his “future” career as an Australian politician. These reports, though having been confirmed by the current First Secretary Wilary, are to be approved by the independent media outlet of the Pristinian Herald, which is expected to be a full and comprehensive article that the Office of the Sôgmô and the Central People’s Government awaits.

In a message dated from 07:02 SLT/GMT-5, M. Fish has finally pulled out of he FRA1. The news comes after a day of concern for A1 and Sandus’ display of its excitement and happiness at the event. M. Fish and A1 are remembered in Sandus as the leader and state which brought the demise of Sandus’ once-closest ally and a national hero, the constant slandering of our State and Central People’s Government, and constant aggression and hostilities brought against this State during A1’s life in the elite of the community.

It has been shown that Sandus’ determination and will to follow its beliefs and philosophy has finally won through to a final and ultimate victory following the demise of the two premier TASPAC member-states, despite A1’s slander and aggression against us and the paths of amusement of hobby micronationalism. Sandum Citizens, 67 Years of Victory over Fascism and, now, 15 hours of Victory over Aggression! Ura!

— Sôgmô Sörgel.

The following message was sent this morning at 07:02 SLT/GMT-5 and made public at 21:38 SLT/GMT-5:

I told him that the A1 stuff will stay as an archive
And that he and the others have to get their act together and either: a) become totally independent of each other; or b) form a new entity similar to A1 but elswhere
He can haz no adminship of anything 😛
A1NS stuff will stay up
Onepedia stuff will too
Most of the rest will be archived

Former First Secretary of the Federated Republics of A1 Philip Fish speaking on the final demise of A1.

The following message was sent at approximately 22:14 SLT/GMT-5:

News is coming out that, as of 07:00 SLT today, the founder of A1, Philip Fish, is forcefully pulling out and disestablishing the Federated Republics of A1! All Civilae of Sandus are currently celebrating the demise and coup d’état of A1 by its own Founder, who has proven himself on multiple occasions of his aggression and hostility towards our State!

Sandum Citizens: URA! Victory! Victoiro! Victoire!
Let us sing le Chant du Départ towards the final and ultimate victory of our State! Ura!

This message of reasoning for Sandus’ celebration of A1’s demise, which was questioned by M. Mello of Koss, was given:

The demise of one of Sandus’ closest allies and my personal friend, the constant shaming of Sandus as being run by some awful individual with sexual desires and his own ego running the state, A1’s capacity and ‘friendship’ amongst the youthful micronations in 2010 that directed their anger towards Sandus during the GUM-OAM issues.

Today is a happy and proud day for our State.