Reconciliation of the Two States

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Ave, Sandum Citizens!

As of last night, the Central People’s Government have met with officials in the Nemkhav Federal government and with the allied state of Renasia in order to discuss the week’s events. Though Nemkhavia ultimately decided not to withdraw its accusations that this government acted in an unethical way in order to attain power, both sides agreed that the perception of such could have apparent to Nemkhavia. A joint statement was released last night:

The Nemkhav Federation extends its sincere apologies to the State of Sandus for the perceived accusation against it regarding the vote of no-confidence against Bradley of Dullahan. It was not the intent of the Federation to make such an accusation; rather, our statements regarding Sandus constituted mere speculation. Likewise, the State of Sandus concurs that its actions regarding the vote of no-confidence may have been perceived as being driven by ambition, though this was not the case. Both the Nemkhav Federation and the State of Sandus express their hopes that the Grand Unified Micronational will continue to function normally and that the friendship between their two nations will continue.

Lord Strothlommond, Prime Minister of the Nemkhav Federation
J.J. Hakimoto, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Nemkhav Federation
The Honourable Sôgmô, Gaius Sörgel Publicola

The issue between our two states has, therefore, been resolved peacefully and  the ability to defend our State has been expressed to our common world. In fact, our Party and our State could consider this event a victory and a success for the living legacy of Libera politics within our People and Society to have stressed our independence and our abilities in self-defence. Despite the previous close friendship between our two states, this government immediately and responsibly responded in the complete political defence of our State to the acts of aggression and harm against our State in the most immediate, forceful of manners for the complete and clear defence of the State of Sandus.

Despite this victory for Libera politics, work shall now have to be done by both governments so as to negotiate for peace and cooperation in the era following this event and in the defence of the State and Her peace. This government shall vigourously apply itself to the necessary discussions and the recreation of a new Treaty between our two states for an other triumph of Libera politics in the form of showing our capacity for common defence and for the creation and restoration of peace!
An article shall be written later in the new newspaper of the Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus, the Voice of Sandus.