Hostility of Nemkhavia: its 5 Violations

Flora, Dea de Fleurae et Naturae en Printempo, benedicaeti Eotae Fleuro:
L’Orchidaceae et le Narcissae! sunt le forço de Ti et Eotae.

Six days following the event, Nemkhavia has quickly summarised the Motion of No Confidence that removed the Dullahan Charmanship in the GUM and the long issues that have arisen from that democratic and successful motion in the GUM Quorum.

However, the Nemkhav Federal government has shown itself to be unable to negotiate or compromise with the Sandum government, even in its monologue posted a few hours ago. The article describes the long list of complaints from the Central People’s Government, printed in this national register of our State, to be a “diatribe” that condemned Nemkhavia’s repeated violations of our mutual treaty. The purpose for the Veritum Sandus article, however, was not only to explain Sandus’ history on the matter but also to detail Sandus’ complaints on those violations. As of yet, more than a dozen attempts have been made in order to restore calm and normalcy between our two states; out of all of those attempts, none of them have been successful due to the simple fact of the Nemkhav Federal government’s inability to negotiate or compromise. Nemkhavia has now openly declared its guilt of these violations; however, they have joined the Supreme Judge of the GUM in declaring that Sandus violated the second clause of Article IV of the Treaty concerning that no actions shall be taken that present a harm to the other party — in this case, Nemkhavia. However, when this government presented this option of seeking the Supreme Judge to the Nemkhav President and Prime Minister, it was made clear by Nemkhavia that the results of the ruling were not to be binding, though respected. Now that Nemkhavia has won this sole violation next to their mass of violations, there has been no talk of this non-binding behaviour.

Sandus questions the violation ruled upon by the Supreme Judge, as well. In this case, the Supreme Judge ruled that supporting the motion of a lack of confidence in the former Chair, a citizen of Wyvern and not Nemkhavia, constituted a threat and harm to Nemkhavia’s foreign influence, due to that delegation’s close relation to the former Chair. However, the Chair is meant to be impartial and to hear issues from all delegates, which is why the current Sandum Acting-Chair has heard and asked to hear from various GUM delegates on several important matters and has not taken any biased action towards Nemkhavia in the business of the GUM. Furthermore, such an attack to harm Nemkhavia’s influence should only be considered a deliberate action taken against Nemkhavia if this State had, in fact, acted in dishonesty towards the former Chair so as to simply attack Nemkhavia. The Sandum delegation to the GUM, however, was simply concerned with its sovereign rights held within the GUM to depict our honest opinion on the motion and, thereby, not to become corrupted by our personal or private beliefs. However, Nemkhavia continues to be observant of the view that Sandus acted in violation by deliberately showing its lack of confidence in the former Chair. It is as if the Nemkhav delegation would have preferred this government to not have acted in complete honesty towards such a motion and to have in fact grounded our opinion on the lack of confidence in an extreme compulsion for political power and an unfound grudge and vendetta against the state we, up until Monday afternoon, considered one of Sandus’ historic and closest allies: Nemkhavia. However, this delegation and government did no such thing. We acted, again, in complete honesty and held no desire for political power and did not act upon the paranoid allegation that we did vote in such a way so as to harm Nemkhavia’s foreign influence. Such an attack on Nemkhavia’s influence, the petty argument, is completely irrelevant as Sandus did not act in the intention of harming Nemkhav foreign influence or power. In fact, Nemkhavia was not even considered when the Sandum delegation voted in support of the motion that showed a lack of confidence in the former Chair. The argument that Sandus deliberately and intentionally acted to harm Nemkhavia is both false and irrelevant to the true matter at hand: Nemkhavia’s many violations of our mutual Treaty.

And so, as of now, we have one supposed violation to Nemkhavia’ three previous violations of the treaty: they directly implicated this government in false accusations meant to harm Sandus; they did not coordinate their foreign policy and diplomacy for friendship between our two states; they have expressly implicated this government in an attempt to harm us; and, finally — if one considers the supposed violation of Sandus to be correct, Nemkhavia’s actions in the boycott of Wednesday’s Quorum and the multiple statements condemning this State are only to be an action of harm against our State of Sandus. The actions in boycotting the Quorum were taken in specific and deliberate measure to narrow out and deny the influence of this State to handle its first successful Quorum as the Acting-Chair member-state. Furthermore, from the multiple statements, only Sandus and its officials were named in them. Though they may have alluded to all the others who in fact proposed and motioned the vote of no confidence, which Sandus did neither, they specifically alluded to Sandus and the Sôgmô or the supposed desires following the initial statement.

The treaty’s author, J.J. Hakimoto, as well as GUM Supreme Judge Jacob Tierney, verified that the Nemkhav Federation was indeed guilty of violating the treaty, but Sandus was as well for failing to oppose the no-confidence vote, instead vocally supporting the ouster.

Words by “Nemkhav News”; Emphasis by Veritum Sandus. 

Furthermore, this government now complains of Nemkhavia’s deliberate action to curb and deny Sandus’ sovereign rights in foreign affairs. The deliberate actions taken by the Federal government concerning the Sandum delegation, which this government is just learning of now by their brief summary, shows that Nemkhavia wishes to violate Sandus’ right to honesty and unhindered expression of its honest beliefs. In this article, the Nemkhav Federal government is shown in its deliberate action to implicate that this State violated the Treaty and diplomatic ethics and decorum, by voting in support of the Motion of No Confidence. The Nemkhav government has shown its bullied behaviour to deny this right of all sovereign states and peoples to Sandus simply because we voted in line with our truthful and honest lack of confidence. There was absolutely no failure on Sandus’ part to oppose the vote of no confidence, nor was their any obligation to do so either by this Treaty or otherwise, and the Sandum delegation’s right to express itself in honesty and truth is not to be abridged by any right or foreign authority.

The situation that is being spurred on by the Nemkhav Federal government is reaching a point of intolerability. These most recent accusations and violations, coupled with the past violations and the recent break-downs in diplomacy and negotiations, are merely contributing to this intolerable course of events. Nemkhavia has shown itself to be completely against the Sandum People’s State and, time-and-time again, the Nemkhav government has proven itself incompetent and paranoid in its behaviour with the Sandum State since Monday the 23rd. These attacks shall live in infamy in the State and these clear provocations against Sandus must be met soon with clear and even more forceful action. Already Sandus has proven itself able and prepared to defend itself; though, as this intolerability grows, Sandus must take more forceful actions in concerns to this Treaty. We have attempted, for the last week, to appease, cooperate and compromise with the Nemkhav Federal government; this policy of appeasement has not worked. Therefore, this government, as of last night, presented to the Nemkhav Minister for foreign relations an ultimatum on the mutual Treaty between our two states:

Unless the Nemkhav government can provide no further responses to the irresponsible actions taken over the past week or unless it can not revoke its defaming accusations after the talk Sunday, then Sandus shall have no option but to nullify the treaty.”
 “Nemkhavia has until 17:00 Sandum Local Time (GMT-5) on Sunday.

Only time shall tell if Nemkhavia returns to common decency and respect that is required in diplomacy and communication between our two states. As of now, the ratio of Sandum violations to Nemkhav violations of the Treaty, if one counts the supposed and dubious violation as expressed by the Supreme Judge, is 1:5. If one does not count the supposed and dubious violation as expressed by the Supreme Judge, the ratio is truly 0:4.

— Sôgmô Sörgel