Commencement of Party Business

Poster for Revolutionaries' Day, modified from a painting by A. Semionov.

Ave, Sandum Citizens! And Happy Revolutionaries’ Day!

According to the Founding Law of our State, Cooperatives are the basic and smallest body of our State wherein workers or members can work together. By this way, it ensures that Socialism can be implemented from the very first day of the founding of our State of Sandus. Last May, this Office of the S8gm8 founded the Collegio Sacerdae by means of a formal order and edict by this Office, often known as a Royal Order. However, such is rare for the State, as this Office provides forms for individuals to apply for a Cooperative.  Recently, the Congress of the Citizens’ Communist Party elected a new Secretary who stressed the importance of finally implementing the Party Enfranchisement Law. Last night, that is exactly what happened.

Though the process for doing so may be seen as counter-productive, the Secretary of the CCPS applied for the cooperativisation of the Party last night to his own Office. Though some may question this move, it indicates that even the S8gm8, the creator of laws and the implementing executive behind those laws, is not above his own laws. And although that there exists a process of writing letters patent for cooperatives, by filing this form to his own Office, it shows that the Party is meant to be fair and equal before the Law — indicating its own Socialist principles coming into practice.

Thereby, on the occasion of Revolutionaries’ Day, which takes place on the anniversary of Vladimir Lenin’s birth, it is very befitting that the Party should be granted cooperative status by this Office of the S8gm8.
The Office of the Sôgmô certifies the cooperative of the Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus.

Work shall now be taken to expand the activity and power of the Party and, as well, gauge if the writing of a CCPS Party Constitution shall be necessary for the new cooperative. On the occasion of Lenin’s birth and the cooperativisation of the CCPS, Happy Revolutionaries’ Day!

— Sôgmô Sörgel

"The People and Party are United!"