Combination of Foreign Affairs Policies

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

This afternoon, at 16:00 GMT-5, this office has combined all foreign affairs policies of our State into a single comprehensive law on foreign affairs. “The Act on Foreign Affairs of Martio MMXII” is a law which stipulates all foreign affairs policies of this State since the very foundation of Sandefreistikhan and incorporates them into our present policies of foreign affairs. This includes the basic recognition policy from the People’s State in 2009, the right to revoke recognition from the Democratic People’s Republic in 2010, the isolation policy from September 27th, 2011, and a new policy to make the isolation period seasonal from today, XVII A Martio MMXII.

The law also includes a recognition that from the 20th of March, and by the 27th of March and no later than the Festival of Fortuna (5th of April), the State shall re-open all communication with micronations which meet its basic guidelines under the “Summer period”. This period shall last until the 20th of September, and by the 27th of September and no later than the Armilustrium (19th of October), when all unnecessary communication with micronations which do not meet this State’s comprehensive guidelines shall be severed in the “Winter period”. At all zeniths of these two periods, a celebration may be held in order to celebrate the season and the transitional seasons. For instance, as this State in the past marked the winter of 2010/2011 with the Ribbon of Pebon, a ceremony may be had for a the same Abenaki figure of Pebon and under his moon of Pebonkas, often translated as December. A similar event may be held around the time of Vestalia in commemoration of Hestia (Roman Vesta), Sol Invictus, Mithras, RaNut, or Niben. Though this law was enacted for political purposes, it may be utilised by our Government in the future for cultural means so as to advance our State.

This law also comes at a time when M. Bayer of Pristinia has attacked this State for being internally inactive, a claim the Sôgmô refuted in his Expectations of the Imaginary published earlier today. It is a further example of how this State is continuously advancing, despite the attacks brought against it by some members of the community at large, and how this Government is constantly pursuant of progress and advancement for this State of Sandus.

May this State continue in its Advancement!

— Sôgmô Sörgel.