Blesbí granted Socilivo Status

An article by the King of Blesbí.

Boin Parimeya-Seran , Velasitti!

I’d like to share my joy this afternoon after receiving some news regarding Blesbí. At 4:00 PM(GMT+1) I was informed that our Socilivo status application had been approved, meaning we are now a Socilivo state under Sandum citizenship. This has brought joy and progress to the Kingdom of Blesbí, and also a new tax. According to the Socilivo Citizenship law, Article 6:

“Forms of taxation for the State of Sandus may be levied to all levels of citizenship for donations to the State, for charitable work to individual and world communities, and for work for both the State and the world according to policies of social activism and compassion; these forms of taxation are levied for the advancement of the State and its policies, and individual citizens may decide their form of taxation at times of the census.”

As King, I have decided on using as a tax, the quota being 3000 grains of rice donated per quarter (3 months). Not only is it free to use and helpful to one’s knowledge, but it is also an experience to help both Sandus and its philosophy, and an opportunity to help others who are not as fortunate as us by donating rice, so that they could have something to eat.

I hope that through our Socilivo status, we grow closer to Sandus and implement its philosophy further.

-Resi André.