Policy Projection: IX – XVII Ianuario MMXI

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

Over these past few years, this government has been a proud participant in our intermicronational community’s media centre. That is to say, that our Veritum Sandus and Channum Unum have been some of the most read and watched. The current schedule of Channum Unum is, however, rather old and has been airing that schedule since, at least, the end of Summer.
Over this upcoming week, this government shall set to work remaking the Channum Unum schedule, adding more coverage of Socialist marches to Channum Unum Festai and Channum Unum Partio. We shall, as well, begin to lay out probable new channels for the Channum Unum enterprise which may be put in place in a month’s time.

We shall begin, as well, to plan the garden project for the broader 2015 economic goal this week.

We shall begin to lay out foreign policy for the upcoming months with the drafting of treaty templates.

We shall direct the Collegio Sacerdae to begin the preparations for Carmentalia, Concordia, and the Festival of Felicitas; to lay out major festivals each and every month from Februario MMXI (2012) until the next Februario of MMXII (2013); to begin investing offices into members of the Collegio Sacerdae and to foster research and articles for the Collegio Sacerdae on topics of religion, faith and philosophy.

We shall lay forth work on these objectives from today, le Nouva A MMXI, to the 17th, le Dixa-Septa H MMXI, and draft another projection for the following week of 8-days.

— Sôgmô Sörgel.