In a Spirit of Friendship and Economy

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

As stated in the New Year’s address and what has been discussed countless times in the past few months, the State of Sandus and Technocratic Renasia, two long-standing political allies and friends, will found later today a commission of high officials from both states to oversee, discuss and communicate economic plans which both states may use in their future economies and in trade between our two states. As it is the speciality of the Renasian people in the affairs of mathematics and economics, our State will work endlessly to continue to foster this relationship between both of our states, especially as we have much to learn in the realm of economics for our goal of having an economy by MMXV (2015).

The purpose of this commission will not only be for this government to learn more about the realm of economy and markets in a socialist manner, but also to work with Renasia to foster trade between our two states. As stated in the New Year’s address, our economy will be based around the historic foundation of civilisation: agriculture. Our products from this agriculture will not only be sold to regions around Sandus, but also may be shipped to Renasia for their own scientific economy.

This economic plan will be discussed over the course of this year and it is my hope to speak with Mssrs. Tierney and Dowler in London concerning these plans at the PoliNation Summit. As it is important to understand planned economics and socialist theory of markets and economies, our state and this government shall begin to compile a library of revolutionary works by present and past Socialist theorists.

By Hermes, may our state continue to pursue a planned economy and keep its oaths and debts for the foundation of our Sovereign, Socialist State!

— Sôgmô Sörgel.