Formation of Strategic and Realistic Policy

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

A few days ago on , I drafted and implemented an edict which affects the working of our government. Whilst such an edict would not necessarily affect our citizens, it sets up in place an internal policy to keep this government on track on its affairs and work.
On the evening of Thursday the Vth of Ianuario (January), MMXI (2012), the Office of the Sôgmô has enacted an edict on the use of the Sancta calendar in the Sandum government. The edict, first and most importantly, sets up the policy of this government to lay down on each A administrative day of the 8-day week of the Sancta calendar policies and goals for the end of the week. Therefore, each goal created on the A or first day of the administrative week, consisting of 8 days, shall be pursued over the course of the 8-day week and, then, hopefully enacted before the end of the 8-day week. So as not to strain the work or activity of our government, we hope that each A day this government will draft modest yet proactive goals and proposals for the course of the week. This marks a new organisation in the working of our government, as we prepare for a second year of “Realist” policies!
The second and least important item on the edict concerns the naming of documents in the library of the Office of the Sôgmô. As per the past edict on the same matter of naming documents, each document shall be titled so as to include the time, date, month and year of publication; however, this edict varies from the past as it stipulates that all of such documents are required to have the dates in the Sancta Calendar.

As our state begins to incorporate more and more the Sancta calendar into the affairs of our government, we must be vigilant of past policies and of the coming of the New Year in the Sancta calendar: I A Martio MMXII. Already, the title of the edict found in the government’s library was mistitled as being “MMXII”, wherein in the Sancta calendar it is still meant to be “MMXI” until the New Year.

Below is the text of the Edict:

In concerns to the management of State affairs:

The Sancta calendar shall be increasingly used by the Central People’s Government and the Office of the S8gm8.

The Sancta calendar’s 8 administrative day week, with days from A to H, shall be used over time to schedule, in advance, days of regular importance. The first of such days shall be the “A” day of the 8-day week, which shall be used in order to lay out projected goals and policies in the upcoming 8-day week.

In addition to this, the Edict establishing numerical formats for documents published by the Office of the S8gm8 shall be amended to have dates transfered from the Gregorian calendar to the Sancta calendar, therefore:

[hour=##][minute=##][day=##][administrative day=A][month=AAA][year=####]

Thereby, this instruction shall be noted as: 2314VEIanMMXII.

The amount of letters and numbers may vary according to the changing of numbers and shall include hour, minutes, date, administrative day, month and year.

The Office of the S8gm8 shall continue to explore purposes and uses for the Sancta calendar and shall set a goal by the New Year in March for a year when the Sancta calendar shall be the primary calendar of Sandus.

May our State continue to follow policies of cultural, political and economic advancement under the historic edifice of Realist policies for our State!

— Sôgmô Sörgel.