Winter Solstice Election Report

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

The Winter Solstice was a night of activity — sadly, activity to gain more votes. Though turn-out in the Election was low, it was unanimous: the election results will remain in effect and power. However, in January, the Office of the S8gm8 will be running a non-binding opinion poll concerning the election and will be running the same questions on the opinion poll than the election. Here are the concrete results:

By your vote, does the Sôgmô of this State of Sandus, Sôgmô Gaius Sörgel, maintain the rightful legitimacy to rule the State of Sandus (YES or NO)?

YES: 100%
NO: 0%

By your vote, the Sanôba/Phanem Representative should be (ANDRÉ SAMMUT or NONE)?

NONE: 0%

The results do remain binding despite the very low turnout. Congratulations to both M. Sammut and M. Sörgel!