Creation of Athena Ergane

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

The Poster for the MMXI Athena's Day, as found on the State of Sandus page on Facebook.

Happy Athena’s Day, a festival celebrated on each end of November dedicated to Athena! The festival today will be administered by the Collegio Sacerdae under the direction of the Sacra Flameno at 15:00 GMT-5, 20:00 GMT. It is our esteemed pleasure to be celebrating this festival dedicated to one of my personal favourite Gods. This day is celebrated in a fashion that gives thanks to the two main Gods who create and are important to crafts: Athena and Hephaestos. This rite today will be dedicated to both of them as craft makers.

Our craft, as Sandum citizens, is not however one of smithing or weaving. It is our government, our willingness to do what is right to end suffering. This government, however, is advancing itself. In accordance with its growing purposes, I am currently in the process of drafting a practice test for the test on bureaucratic rights. Essentially, elected officials will, once the law is passed, take this test to see if they have the right and ability to be granting them rights to act as a formal bureaucrat of the State. There are four categories to the test: Sandum philosophy (which include Communist, Socialist, Pagan and Buddhist thought), Sandum history, personal knowledge of the S8gm8, and a more dynamic testing to see one’s capabilities in the arts. These exams will be based on the Tang and Song imperial bureaucracy examinations. All major elected officials, such as the San8ba/Phanem Representative and the soon-to-be Party Comrade Representative, will have the ability to take these examinations. Such a law forming these exams will be passed after the drafting of a practice exam, which should be by the end of the week. It is my hope to legislate on the Party Comrade Representative’s position after the establishment of the law forming these exams and bureaucratic rights.

I will, as well, be working to add a new schedule to Channum Unum to reflect on the winter theme.

In addition and finally, nominations for the 2011 Winter San8ba/Phanem Representative will be opening on the 10th of December. You may indeed send your nominations in early.

We would also like to announce that a form of détente has been established with the Kingdom of Zealandia as they have entered into the GUM. Though our government is hopeful of cooperation, we shall in fact proceed with caution and not change the values of our governance due to this action.