Triumph of Two Years

Ave, Sandum Citizens and Party Comrades!

For two years, our state has existed in hopes and pursuant to Socialism without a party to ensure or plan for it — now, we have finished a Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus Party Congress dedicated to those hopes. Though the formal power comes to the Central People’s Government and, specifically, the office of the S8gm8, the party will represent the people and their wishes to this government. Furthermore, as this government maintains policies to advance Socialism for our state, we will begin to rely on the broad special knowledge and discussion of the Sandum people for these policies. The party, like the many Socialists before us, will walk hand-in-hand with the state, as it “has” for these past two years and ten months. Early Saturday morning, I made open to our state and our fellow citizens that I had no intention of standing as the Secretary of the CCPS. I have in the past been concerned over the course of action taken by some, and I will continue to direct the party in its beginning, but the Party — should it be the democratic platform of the people as I hope for — will remain altogether independent of the government save for grave matters of state or socialism.

In the Congress, we delegated to the Party vanguard powers — expressing it that it may become a vanguard of society within our state. But, most importantly, we have elected Comrade Thomson to the position of Secretary within the CCPS. I will continue to work with Comrade Thomson, who is set to draft the Party’s first-ever constitution. I will work with him and edit the constitution as necessary. Before all other things, though, Comrade Thomson is tasked with the advising of this government pertaining to issues of state. As Secretary of the Party, he has been elected to serve and advise on cases of great Socialist importance for our state. This December 22nd, our state will elect our first ever Honourable San8ba Representative, whose position will be similar to that of both a proto-parliament and a modern Prime Minister. These two forms of democracy in our state, though they may go hand-in-hand, are independent of each other. Before all other things, I am especially proud of Comrade Thomson and Comrade Sammut who have served me these past few months as faithful Sandum citizens and have worked wonderfully over the course of the Party Congress — I hope that I may continue to serve them as they have served me just as loyally and with the same dedication.

However, we must focus ourselves. This has been — quite truthfully — a Triumph for us, both as a state and a party. In the efforts of Socialism, one needs an economy to create it before hand. Therefore, it is my esteemed pleasure to announce that this Sovereign People’s Government will be working closely with our partners in Technocratic Renasia to plan to foster an economy by 2015. Renasia has plans to foster an economy based upon technocratic and scientific services by 2013; whereas, we will plan for several working socialist cooperatives by 2015 and, by 2017, a wholly working socialist economy based upon the basics of any economy: agriculture and wares. We will take the next two years to begin to broadly plan and, then, take two more years to plan the essentials. Therefore, I will not only direct the government but also ask that the Party plans to begin creating a Year Plan to be released by the Solstice towards these goals and the further advancement of our state.

Before all else, Party Comrades, it has been insofar a Triumph of Two Years.

— Party Comrade and Sôgmô Sörgel.