Collegio Sacerdae celebrates Armilustrium MMXI

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

Under the auspices of my tenure as Sacra Flameno de Collegio Sacerdae, the Sacred Priest of the College of Priests, here in Sandus, the Collegio Sacerdae along with M. Tierney of Renasia have conducted successfully the Armilustrium Rite for 2011. The rite marks a new turning-point in Sandum society as the Collegio Sacerdae, for the very first time, has conducted rites for the sanctity of Sandus before the Gods. However, the Collegio Sacerdae does not limit rites solely to the Gods; whilst Sandus may indeed by a historically Buddhist and Pagan country, we do indeed provide for the freedom of religion. And, whilst our activity in the affairs of religion may confound the concept of the separation of church and state or even out-right state atheism, the use of our government in such a manner is to create an active part of Sandus which will invest in our government’s strength and affairs, as well as the creation of a Sandum culture. We follow the policies of the Troisa Romae, the Three Romes, in such an event of government involvement in religion.

The Rite was conducted successfully in three parts: the invocation to Janus, Jupiter and Mars, the purification of the “arms” of the Legions — in our case, books of our Sandum state and government, and the final offerings of food and of wine to the Gods. The rite began with the invocation where the Gods Janus, the God of beginnings and transitions; Jupiter, the king of the Gods; and, Mars, the God of war were called fortg and asked to show their favour upon the rite. A quick explanation of the rite was given following the invocation which explained the dedication to Mars as the defender of our Legions: the State, the Government and the Party as our Legions. Next came a brief statement of intention as the books of the Sandum Legions were washed and purified by the water of Mars Semper Victores, Mars Ever-Victorious, followed by a quick intention on the placement of the books. Next, we offered the food and the wine to Jupiter and to Mars and gave a quick asking for fidelity to the prayer which asked for good things for Sandus and the State. Following the end of the prayer, the Rite finished and participants were thanked and welcomed to enjoy the feast to Mars, Semper Victores.

The text of the Rite shall be stored safely in Sandus along with the books. The remainder of the water used for purification was added to the offering bowl of water before the Buddha on the altar in Kremlum Sandus. The entirety of the Rite can be heard on YouTube here.

— Sôgmô et Sacra Flameno Sörgel.