Collegio Sacerdae prepares for Armilustrium

The Collegio Sacerdae, under the direction of the Sacra Flameno Sörgel, has announced it will hold an event in order to celebrate ferio Armilustrium on Wednesday the 19th of October, or XIX Octobro Nundino C MMXI in the Sancta calendar. The festival, originally celebrated to Mars on the occasion of Roman legions returning home from campaigns, will reign in the “peaceful season”, when past wars are forgotten and peace exists due to the absence of the legions at war in defence of their country. This year’s Armilustrium, the first for Sandus, will include a rite to Ares, the god of war, in Latin, Sancta and English. The rite will stress the importance of the purification of weapons, both literal and figurative, in the defence of Sandus, the blessing of Ares for the defence of Sandus and the importance of the government and party as the figurative legions of Sandus. As Ares is the god of war, and though Sandus lacks a standing military or defence force currently, the cleansing of weapons shall therefore be the cleansing of the true weapons of Sandus: philosophy, religion, politics and strength through government. The ritual will begin a dedication of the ritual beyond the dedication to Ares and end with a discussion on the dedication of the ritual to Sandus and its society.

Attendance to the rite is open to the public at large. If you wish to attend, make your intention known either to the Sacra Flameno or to the Foreign Representative of Sandus Sammut. Further information shall be sent through the State of Sandus’ Facebook page, addenda to this article and following articles.