Sôgmô to Address Nation

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

This evening, at around 19:00 GMT-5, I shall be addressing the citizens of this state concerning several proposed policy changes. They shall be concerning foreign affairs, offices of this state and the tenure of the offices of this state. The foreign affairs policy proposal comes following the East Kozuc-Sandus affair, wherein this government was prepared to revoke recognition to East Kozuc; an action that has been suspended and is pending evaluation. Offices would include a hopeful “Lord Representative”, or even a “Honourable Representative”, of the people of this state, which shall be elected for a term of three months, and shall represent them to this office. Furthermore, in an effort for the defence of the democracy of our state, one proposal shall be to have a yearly election concerning my acceptance by the people of this state. More details shall be explained during the address.

— Sôgmô Sörgel