MHORTS is Established

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

As of this evening, as we in Kremlum Sandus prepare for Hurricane Irene, I have finished the edict establishing the Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus, or “MHORTS”. This order shall, quite honestly, replace our entire former system of orders, medals and decorations for the current time. It has a broad mission: recognise those individuals “who have so willingly risked and worked for this state” and “who have toiled and worked without end for this state and the glory of the Gods, People and State of Sandus”. This government is certain, and has taken all necessary action to this end, that this order shall be a respectful, important and well-regarded order of Sandus and of the intermicronational community as a whole.

Earlier this month, I signed decrees stipulating that all former decorations would be abandoned and their use prohibited. Such an uncommon practice was done in order to make this Order more respected and regarded and to strengthen the position of this Order and the decorations of this State. It is the opinion of this State that there exists few other plausible actions that could defend the integrity of this Order.

In addition to these actions, this Order is intended to be a physical order, with regalia being shipped, on behalf of this government, to recipients of the Order. At current, there are plans for a medal, a star and a sash of the Order. The display and the actual description and definition of the regalia shall be found in by-laws of the Order, given by myself as the Sovereign of the Order. I intend, as well, to grant the Order only at four times per year: around the Solstices and Equinoxes.

This Order shall, in the future, be the highest Order and decoration of this State; and, there may exist other decorations in the future. At this time, however, it is the only one. We have the intention of having it remain the sole Order of Sandus, at least for some time; however, we may indeed award medals in the near future.

As we await the arrival of the Hurricane Irene, named after the Goddess Eriênê,
Deae benedictousin Eotae et Eotae Etato et Eotae Nova Ordo.
Olympia Deae venaesin ad Eotae, et Onti eotae benedictusin.
Horae defendaesin Honourablisima  Ordo de le Trono de Sandus.

Olympia Deae, Ti estis le deae d’eotae Ordo!

— Sôgmô Sörgel