In the defence of Pax

Ave, Sandum citizens.

This evening, I was rather alerted to a few messages of insults and displeasure concerning our state and government. This is, in no way, meant to attack the transgressor but, rather, to report to the Sandum people their government’s reactions and express our beliefs in accordance with this incident. Below are the messages, each with a response, sent by M. Wilary of A1:

[5:47:54 AM] James E Wilary: Herr Soergel: even though that King Anthony has appologized, I would like to note for your benefit however (and without future recall), that I still openly think that you no doubt, are a facist Stalinist Hoenecker and a litter box, and that Sandus can be none other than a shit heap. Signed: James E Wilary

It must be noted that these messages were sent nearly a week following hostilities with Zealandia, and its King Anthony, halted. Furthermore, this government, and its state, is neither Fascist or Stalinist. In fact, we embrace a liberal socialism that allows all citizens to command and control their own collective, acting in full accordance with the needs of the state and society. It is quite clear that this state is not a “shit heap”; we maintain a wonderful system of government and culture which incorporates Tibetan, Abenaki, Roman, Greek and Egyptian cultures into its state. Furthermore, we maintain the Collegio Sacerdae, which currently maintains several members who are conducting research on Shintoism, Christian Orthodoxy and Celtic Paganism and neo-Paganism. Furthermore, this government maintains a stature and integrity of this state nearly unknown throughout the micronational world. I, as S8gm8 and as citizen, am proud of this state and I know it well to not be such a thing as one claims it to be.

[5:49:33 AM] James E Wilary: PS: bullies who scare people into doing their biddings are intolerable bastards (yes, you)

This government has a strong power found in diplomacy. It must be noted that many other micronations find their strength and power through certain things: Egtavia and Wyvern have technology and amusement, St.Charlie has its democratic republic, Landashir has its Landashir’n culture, Austenasia and Zealandia have their working constitutional monarchies. This government, however pleased and blessed we are with our simplistic benevolent monarchy, has faculties that only create its power by means of knowledge and understanding of cultures, religions, philosophies and ideas which foster a power diplomatic entity.

[5:52:51 AM] James E Wilary: PSS: Go whine to your news agency about how all these little guys are calling you names, we don’t care and everyone else is just laughing in agreement behind your back

This “news agency” is a socialist press agency which operates as the national news paper and the national register of Sandus. Thereby, this is the official newspaper of the Sandum state and of its government. Furthermore, we have never believed those that “call us names” are little or in any other way beneath us — rather, we find it necessary to respond to such hostile and aggressive acts, as such is within our right. It must be noted, then, that in that way we are threatened, either by action or by perception. Finally, this government does not publish its perceptions in Veritum Sandus in hopes of swaying opinion. Rather, this is our way of reporting to concerned allies and partners and, foremost, to our citizens of the situations, actions taken and our intentions and hopes.

[5:58:53 AM] James E Wilary: PSSS: you can take Zelandia’s apoligy, shove it, and sit back while I just duplicate it regardless. Oops, looks like the cat’s out of the bag again. Guess you are stuck with reality anyway. Stop me Hoenecker.

This government is not certain as to what duplication and what “cat is out of the bag”. Furthermore, we must note that Sandus has no secret or military police, such as the Stasi under the German Democratic Republic; therefore, we find the title “Hoenecker” misleading.

[6:03:53 AM] James E Wilary: PSSSS: yeah man, I just did start this up again. Yes, I did just cause a problem. Sue me litter box in a shit heap

This would have been responded to, however there is nothing of worth to respond to.

[6:05:24 AM] James E Wilary: PSSSSS: You are dealing with James Wilary now, and I don’t scare easily just because some box socialist trys to rat me out to the big man. I ain’t going nowhere, and you can forget it because I am not going to kiss your ass whether you tell it to God or the CIA.

One must understand that petty threats, such as telling this government that we are dealing with James Wilary, are meaningless. Furthermore, Sandus is in no way a “box socialist” country. We maintain collectives, which work towards the common, public and social welfare of the people and state; and, each citizen maintains the right and privilege of a job or to own and run a collective. Such is liberalism in Sandus’ socialism. Finally, this government notes that there is nothing else of worth to respond to.

[6:07:02 AM] James E Wilary: PSSSSSS: Enjoy your rant that you will without doubt commit, and then you can go and rot in hell. Facist.

This is not a rant; rather, this is a report on behalf of our people’s government to the state and people. Such is the very expression of socialism in Sandus, that the people’s government makes it clear and known what it is doing and responding to on behalf of the state and people. In this state, we uphold our rights to life — the right to a job, a home, an education, a job, privacy, et cetera — and the right to petition the government, as such is a democratic right of the Sandum people. We make this knowledge and affair known as a report of the affairs of the government and its intent and intended actions in an effort to preserve that most holy and sacrosanct right of the Sandum people and to explain to the Sandum people its various affairs.

However, it must be noted that these messages were sent at a very late time at night for M. Wilary. This government shall not pursue this manner further, except to ask it upon M. Wilary and the A1 government to show restraint and reign in such actions which speak poorly to this government and state on the affairs of such a government. We remain hopeful, of course, that our various offers of peace still remain and remain hopeful that a peace settlement or agreement may be reached between Sandus and A1.

To those means, I must report that I have appointed a special ambassador, Monsieur l’ambassadeur James Thomson, to the Federated Republics of A1, in an effort to procure peace between this government and A1 as all previous attempts have been seemingly rejected by the A1 government.

In full faith of the most holy goddess of peace, Pax, and to the Sandum People and State,

Gloria ad Sandus.

— Sôgmô Sörgel