Zealandia joins the (finished) Fray

Zealandian propaganda poster displaying Sandus and its Sôgmô as Josef Stalin.
Zealandian propaganda poster displaying Sandus and its Sôgmô as Josef Stalin.

Ave, Sandum Citizens.

Unfortunately, an argument that was finished last night has been drawn on by a nation Sandus once saw, very recently indeed, as an Ally. Over the past few days, Tiana and this country have been having arguments concerning accusations that I personally support bullying. I have tried my best to refute them, and did do so, when last night Sandus and Tiana came to a rather quick and fortunate end to the argument at hand. Tiana would withdraw all instances of accusations, and Sandus would withdraw instances of perceived aggression. Upon both parties completing such, I went to bed. I was tired and my arms and hands were aching. I woke up, this morning, to an urgent message from one of Sandus’ closest allies. I will not say who as I am concerned for his integrity, especially after such a harsh, unexpected attack.

It was not a few minute before this argument began that M. Fowler, King of Zealandia, and myself were discussing the current snowy weather in Denton, as friends. However, that quickly changed when M. Fowler became a party in this argument, rather interestingly. The discussion did not concern him personally, nor did it concern his state. Rather, in an odd exchange of socialist private business between two companies, it focused on Tiana Today, a private newspaper run by the Community Party of Tiana and, what it seems to be, the Zealandian government.

Just moments after I fell asleep, tired from the current argument that has been on going for three days and that has just been resolved, M. Fowler releases an article which personally insults and attacks this office. As I refuted that night before, in a socialist economy, the industry is the manifestation of the people’s government’s voice. One such direct manifestations is the press. It is for such reasons that this government, thereby, viewed and recognised the Tianan Today’s articles as the voice of the government. We were not aware of the politics of the Communist Party of Tiana that grants private ownership over the Tianan Today. However, even the very status of this private company is confounded to the fact that the founder and primary author of the newspaper is the President of Tiana and leader of the CPT, M. Puglisi.

We did ask the Federal Republic of St.Charlie’s diplomat within the room to urge its Commonwealth member to respect this state, a long-lived ally and partner of the Federal Republic. Said diplomat upheld the request moments before the formal negotiation took place. We are grateful to the St.Charlian diplomat to protect policies of peace and his efforts to uphold respect. Tiana has followed suit in the matter by showing peace and respect, an action and move we support in this government. However, Zealandia has began their efforts to insult this government.

Because of that Stalinstic Honeckersque Box Socialist I am not allowed to as a Tianan citizen write in Tiana Today, this outrages me.

It is not our jurisdiction to ever support such, as that falls under the Tianan jurisdiction it seems. Furthermore, I support Tiana’s moves to limit articles that confound this compromise between our two governments, even when moments after one must write such a damning article of this government.
We feel it ought to be noted that this government, the Citizens’ Communist Party of Sandus and this state is neither Stalinist nor supportive of Erich Honecker. We are, however, a Marxist-Leninist party and government that implements our people’s socialist ideals on a platform of liberalism that provides for expression in a peaceful environment; politics which we can only hope that Zealandia will create in its own state, as it is apparent that expression has been used to provoke hostilities when peace has just been created.

It makes me unbelievably mad I am literally seeing red, I will not Stand by silently whilst Tiana’s basic freedoms are revoked because a simple fucking stalistical wanker from that oh so wonderful state called sandus has another famous hissy fit.

It seems that this following bit is but a rant. We have asked the press in Tiana, and made a peaceful arrangement with said government, to not make debilitating  accusations which state that this government supports bullying. In fact, as we see it, those accusations and the accusations of M. Fowler are bullying to the highest degrees. Demeaning this government with such words as “Stalinist”, “Honeckeresque”, and “fucking stalistical wanker” is one of the highest expressions of bullying we have ever seen against this government and state, we must admit. We may have followed suit in a “hissy fit”, however this is a “hissy fit” that stands to uphold the truth and peace. Both have been upheld but Zealandia now joins the fray a minute to late, determined to continue the argument and resume hostilities.

That fucking nonce acts holier then thou yet he has on many occasions acted in a way that totally disgraces the meanings of Marx’s and Lenin’s writings. He is an Imperialist fuckwit not a socialist.

Sandus has no policies of imperialism. In fact, our current policies of not intervening unless it involves our state directly or collectively destroys that imperialist mask Zealandia has made for us. This government stands by its actions, as all governments are given the ability to defend themselves. I am sure Lenin and Marx understood that the people’s government must be upheld by its own defense. Otherwise, powers above the people’s power will invade and corrupt the people’s revolution. Furthermore, if we were imperialist, we would have a much laxer policy of citizenship; however, since the days of M. Puglisi’s revocation of his citizenship here, it has been much more difficult to become a citizen. So difficult that even the Phanem of the State has only just recently become a citizen of Sandus. If we were imperialist, we would be welcoming many more people into our state in an effort to grow ourselves. Such is not happening, as such confounds the Sandum way of life and the Sandum way of politics.

No fucking more! I call for all Tianan workers to unite! We must throw our chains back at the fascists!  NO MORE TIANA IS NOT YOUR LITTLE STOMPING GROUND!.

Again, another seemingly rant by the Zealandian King against this office and government. We are not confounding Tiana in any way that restricts them to even symbolic chains. An agreement was made between Sandus and Tiana that would withdraw all instruments of our own collective anger and argument. Both states have upheld such an agreement, one that was created by both parties. Tiana, therefore, is capable of responding in calm to the argument and is, most clearly, not “our little stomping ground”. Tiana is far from being a puppet of Sandus. Sandus has no puppets, nor does it have any interest to have any. Our interest is in to our own advancement and revolution, not to confound it with the addition of state who do not share our politics. Doing so would be similar to the adding of Maoism to Marxist-Leninism; Marxism-Leninism would be confounded and undermined by Maoism.

I Can only go so far but as a Tianan I call for our nation to rise up and rid itself of these powers which bind us in chains to the likes of cardboard socialist wankers like the Sogmo of Sandus.

Again, this seems another rant. Sandus has a completely socialist government and economy; there is no element of private business in Sandus. From the Collegio Sacerdae, a wholly public “college of priests” which teaches about other thoughts and beliefs in an effort to create compassion, to the cooperative form waiting on my desk for “Greene Origami”, a publicly run cooperative meant to advance the financial wealth of Sandus and advance our ability to gain money for a further advancement of our state, Sandus is a wholly socialist and public country. Our system of government has been created in an effort to centralise the government, make it smaller and, therefore, make it more productive. And, it has worked.

I am proud of my state and I, and this government, defend it fully. It is unfortunate that states as wonderful as Zealandia must continue to attack it, urging us to respond. We do not support these attacks and we understand that our responses continue the cycle of the argument, but Sandus shall be protected and defended. This eternal dream of our state and of our people lives on in this government and the actions of its people. How grand that we are capable of defending ourselves so capably and not to let our work be subject to the voices of others. And, how fitting that I finish this article on the Arirang performed by the New York Philharmonic in Pyongyang, North Korea. Just as North Korea, just as America, and just as any other country, we shall hope for peace and defend our state. As the title of the carol says, “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen“.

On a final note: Please be understanding that the spelling “Sogmo” is incorrect; please remember that it is spelled “Sôgmô” or “S8gm8”, according to Western Abenaki tradition. We appreciate the willingness to understand and respect our culture, as well as the culture of the Western Abenaki Nation.

— Sôgmô Sörgel.