Sôgmô Pledges Citizenship

Ave, Sandum Citizens!

Over the past few weeks, this government has been reluctant to accept the applications of foreign citizens applying for citizenship. Ever since 22 June, Sandus had one of its own revoke his citizenship due to his incapabilities to act mature and serious in the times of great activity of this state. We recognised his revocation the very same evening. At current, we have three application trials being conducted by this office, those of: André Sammut, James Thomson and the Phanem of the State. We are certain that at least two of these applications will be passed and citizenship granted, and I have pledged this office and this government to passing applications by July 15th, the auspicious time of the New Moon. We hope that all applicants can maintain the Sandum state of affairs and the work, honour and dignity accompanied by the citizenship.

— Sôgmô Sörgel