Sandus appeals to Partners: Stand against Natlandist St.Charlie

Sandum citizens,

Over the past few weeks, the security which we have once had, and shared with our allies, has been diminished by a new “ideology” known at Natlandism. This ideology strives for the sole ownership and custodianship of democratic states of the people. They have no further objective or belief which strives to better people together. Rather, they wish to control states, as a means of their own enjoyment and luxury, entirely as single-partied dictators with the means of governing for their enjoyment only. Recently, this ideology has grown from Istoria to “ComradeMr Republic”, a state that was have previously over-looked for its outrageous and outlandish name. Indeed, ComradeMr seemed to have been a socialist. However, it must be clear that he, along with M. Kasbar of Istoria,  have renounced their hopes for the people of the world and are seemingly more prepared to care solely for their luxury and their entertainment.

Most recently, the state of Istoria, previously renowned for its blatant attacks on homosexuals and for their hopes to execute homosexuals who did not rejoice in Christ, has expressed its recognition that the sole custodianship of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie is the Natlandist party of St.Charlie. Sandus shall respond to this situation urgently and may even, seeing the current affairs of M. Kasbar in this community to be something similar to the Bayerian variety, hope for the removal and ban of M. Kasbar from the community as a whole. Sandus finds it deplorable that one could attempt to topple a completely democratic and socially legitimate government such as the Federal Republic of St.Charlie. This government awaits news and words from the Federal Republic before preceding on this matter.

Sandum citizens and respected partners, we appeal to you to join us and this government in sense and reason, for peace and for normalcy, in order to unilaterally condemn Istoria and this Natlandist movement, a movement of empty faith but to control the world for their luxury, and push for the removal or alteration of Istoria and “ComradeMr Republic” into a sense of seriousness towards the affairs of their own states. We can only hope that they return to normalcy and common sense.

— Sôgmô Sörgel